What Do You Need to Get Over?

The first thing any of us need to get over is bad suggestions. From the day we enter this world we are told how the world works, we learn about who we are and what we are supposed to do.

It is important that all the beliefs we have are useful to us. This means it is crucial for people to learn how to get over bad suggestions, develop new ways of thinking and design their futures.

Another thing that people need to get over is fears. People who have a fear of elevators can’t go up the easy way. Unfortunately, not all meetings are the ground floor. There’s flying, public speaking and many more.

People have to get over their bad memories. There are people who had traumatic experiences when they were young. There are all sorts of bad memories. Bad things happen to good people. Reliving the bad memories over and over again has no benefit to us whatsoever. If doing something one time makes you fearful then doing it over and over again only reinforces that fear.

Exactly the same can be said of bad relationships and grief. The more people get stuck feeling bad about the past the less time have to make their life wonderful.

Lastly we have bad decisions that result from bad thoughts and bad moods. It is imperative that we learn to take the best direction in our lives and this begins with learning how to make good decisions. Better decisions = better actions = better results.

Getting over things is regularly about helping people to learn how to let their minds ‘let go’. It means putting their problems in the past where they belong. I can show You how,