Life can be a wonderful place to be. However, in the modern world, life is becoming a more challenging place to be. Why is it that some people get stuck in a rut? How are so many people becoming overweight, experiencing financial troubles, poor relationships, no job satisfaction and an overall lack of happiness and motivation? Find out strategies for turning your life Cover 3D small for pagearound and achieving what the author calls ‘Circular Success’, meaning success in every area of life. Learn how to: overcome barriers to happiness and motivation, improve your money situation, get the body you desire, master your time and much more.

You can finally break the cycle of ‘dreading’ your alarm in morning only to awake to another day of the ‘same old’ negative, unhappy habits. You can finally learn how to get unstuck in any and every area of your life. You will see the power of the simple strategies for transforming your life. This is a powerful system for reinventing yourself and using all of the amazing human potential already inside you to obtain, literally unbelievable turnarounds in your life. You will be making small, simple changes to your mindset, attitude and actions. In these pages you will uncover…

                                           How to ‘Change your Mind to Change Yourself’
                                           How to take control of your emotions
                                           How to Commit to anything
                                           Quick Strategies to Transform your body & Health
                                           The Secret to Mastering your time
                                           How to create the relationships of your dreams
                                           A way to love going to work every day
                                          The Secrets to Money that they didn’t teach you in school
                                           A Process to Create a New You
                                           An Innovative Program to Transform Your Life in 30 Days

The Rut Buster is such an inspirational read; the techniques contained bring people back to real time. You will understand that all you need to do is TAKE ACTION on the proven strategies and you’ll quickly realise that everything is achievable!”

Matt Travis

Anthony Robbins Team

“This book is based on Proven and Tested Principles. It gives you a blueprint to get out of your rut and a common sense manual for anyone who wants to take control of any area of their lives”

Joel Spence

Founder, Epic Day.

“The techniques contained inside The Rut Buster brought me back to life. I’m ready to start living again and I now feel like ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”


Breast Cancer Survivor