Jermaine’s Vision

It’s not what happens to us in this life but how we respond to what happens. The ‘happenings of life’ happen to everyone in some way shape or form. What I believe is we can overcome ANY situation if we know how. There are three types of situation in life: they are situations that we need to: GET OVER, situations that we need to GET THROUGH and situations that we need to GET TO!

We need to get over Bad Suggestions, Fears & Phobias, Bad Memories, Grief, Bad Relationships and Bad Decisions

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We need to get through Habits & Compulsions, Recovery, Resignation, Big Events, Tests/Exams/Interviews and Obligations.

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Once we have mastered getting over things and getting through things we can begin the real exciting part of of Life and that is getting to things! Imagine a life where you had direction and guidance. A level of direction and guidance where you can get to FUN, get to LOVE, get to MEETING PEOPLE, get to IMPORTANT DUTIES, get to EXERCISE, get to BEING MORE ORGANIZED, get to MAKING MORE MONEY and get to MAKING BIG DECISIONS. I can provide you with this guidance.

This is the Ultimate vision I have for YOU!

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