How to Change your Environment and Ultimately your Life

I was overwhelmed when someone that I had never met from Germany e-mailed me and said that he had watched my videos and found me inspiring and that I had changed his life. This was an absolutely incredible feeling and I am so thankful that my videos are doing what they’re supposed to do. My new friend had also explained how I had inspired him to only spend time with positive people in positive places and he wanted more advice on how to build on this.

This raises an important point: You have to surround yourself with people who are going to give you energy and push you up, rather than drain you and pull you down.

If you sit down and think about it, you will realise that you are becoming (or have become) like the people that you most associate with. You think like them, you talk like them, you do the things that they do and you have the same mindset as them. Of course this is absolutely wonderful if you’re surrounded by confident, excited, motivated, healthy, ambitious, hard working people. The challenges arise when you spend all of your time with people who are negative, lazy with low self-esteem, you are truly in danger of becoming the same way. I have been lucky in the fact that I have friends that have understood my transformation and supported it and interestingly enough, to use money as an example, something has happened where we are all finally earning more money than ever before. Although this was the case for me, I can relate when people say that they don’t know where to look when it comes to finding positive influences.

The best thing that you can do is to find these positive associations through books, blogs or youtube videos. You will notice that you are changing your environment just by doing this. These role models that you find through these channels will become part of your psyche just like friends do. The person in the Youtube Videos in the beginning for me was Tony Robbins. I literally started to take on parts of Tony’s mindset, beliefs and habits. This was pretty amazing as Tony Robbins is probably the peak performance genius of our time. You can do the same. Use positive blogs and videos like this one, use books and audio programmes. Do whatever you can to change the people you surround yourself with, whether you are spending face to face time with them or not.

If you have been surrounded by negative, draining people with no ambition the great news is you can reverse the damage. Since deciding to turn my life around I read hundreds of books, attended seminars, paid for programmes and hired coaches. I can tell you right now, it feels like I am genuinely surrounded by these positive people every day because I continually refresh their message. That’s why I love doing what I do now. All of the videos that I make, the programmes that I teach and the blog posts that I write are the culmination of everything that I have learned from all of these people.

As you do this and you become this mixture of all of the great people that you are hanging around with and learning from you will begin to see amazing things happening in your life. From the people you attract to the positive changes that you experience.

It is this feeding and strengthening of the mind that I have become increasingly passionate about in recent months and I really want to help as many people as possible do the same. You see our mind is like a muscle, the more we work it, strengthen it and feed it, the stronger it becomes. If this is something that you’d like to know more about you could Check out my Monthly Mind Upgrade to see how I will upgrade your mind every single month.

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5 Keys to Success that I Learned from John Legend

141372052620141014IMG_1008I am always on the lookout for things to learn from Successful people and when I went to see John Legend Live 2 weeks ago, I was not disappointed. The man oozes confidence, success and happiness in such a ‘cool’ way. When you listen to him speak in between songs you can tell that he has learned a lot on the way up and is very inspirational when he talks about it. Thankfully for everyone at the concert he gave away a lot about his journey and some of the keys to his success. I have narrowed it down to ‘5 Keys to Success’ that I believe have helped John Legend become who he is today.

1. Know How Great you are (and be Proud of it!)

There was just something about the way that John moved. The way he sat at the piano and perhaps the biggest give away to his confidence was the way he received applause. He just sort of stood there and looked so centred and confident whilst nodding a sort of ‘yea, I know I’m good’ style. For whatever reason in today’s society we have been culturally persuaded to think that knowing how good we are will be perceived as arrogant. Not True. You will rapidly increase your chances of success if you realise how great you and begin to accept it. Of course, be gracious just like Mr. Legend was but in your head you can be saying the most ‘arrogant’ things in the world. Think about it; how often do you let that little voice in your head say ridiculously negative things and get away with it? If you’re going to have inner conversation you might as well do what John Legend obviously does so well and be very positive about yourself.

2. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Why would you want to struggle and strain your way to the top when you can use the help and talents of other people? John Legend talked about spending time with multiple grammy award winners Lauryn Hill and Kanye West. It is clear that John was able to learn a lot from people like this and he featured on Lauryn Hill’s album and supported Kanye West on his tour. Sometimes you have to be prepared to live and learn from the success of others and even hang on to their coat tails a little bit. These days, John Legend has had many successful albums and tours of his own.

3. “Sometimes our Dreams Take a Detour”

John told a wonderful story of how he moved to New York City to pursue a career in music. He remembered how this didn’t go so well at the start and he actually spent some time as a management consultant! He laughed at the memory and came out with one of the most inspirational quotes I have ever heard live: “Sometimes our Dreams take a Detour”. Amazing. What John is saying is, of course the plan was to go to New York and become a recording artist straight away but sometimes you have to be aware that the path you take isn’t necessarily going to be ‘Plan A’.

4. Keep Going…

You, me or anyone that has read anything about ‘Success’ has come across this piece of advice many, many times. It was however, refreshing to hear the details of a story directly from someone as successful as John Legend. As mentioned above, he was a management consultant when he wanted to be a full time singer but he would still sing by night in a New York City Bar. He talked about the fact that there was only ever 5 people in attendance and 3 of those were bar staff! John didn’t let this deter him and he just kept on and on until he was successful. 

5. Do it for the People Close to you

John Legend’s 2 best performances of the night were a Song that he dedicated to his late grandmother and ‘All of me’ which is the number 1 that he wrote for his new wife. This is not a coincidence. These 2 people obviously mean an awful lot to him and no doubt provide the motivation, passion and belief to carry on working hard and making music. We can all use this to our advantage. Think of someone close to you or someone that you were close to that is no longer with us and dedicate your endeavours to them. This has been massive for me personally and you will be motivated and ultimately successful as a result.

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What’s Your Excuse?

Amazing Video of a Man with no Arms Playing Table Tennis!

Are your ‘reasons’ for not trying just excuses?

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Self Esteem for Teens

ID-100112502It is easy to let your mind drift as a teen when you have so much going on in your life. I remember it well: am I going to pass this next batch of exams? Am I going to get in the football team? Is ‘that girl’ really interested? I became aware at a young age that there are two possible directions that your mind can lead you; a positive one and a negative one. Consider the negative thought processes: “These exams are difficult; I’m never going to pass., not to mention the fact that being this small and skinny I’ll never make the football team…Girls only like boys on the football team which means that girl I like isn’t going to be interested… I’m just a nobody and always will be.”

Realise that the following reaction is equally as possible if we choose the positive direction. “I’m going to work so hard for these exams that passing is inevitable, it’s going to be such a cool couple of weeks because I’ll have the time to get in shape and make the football team as well. It’s going to be awesome; I’m doing so well in my life”

What is Self-Esteem?

You know that picture that you have in your head of yourself? Who you are, how you look, your abilities and what your weaknesses are? This is the self-image that you have developed from a very young age. This self-image or mental picture that ID-10092501you have of yourself is affecting your self-esteem.

Our self-esteem is how much we believe that we are loved and valued by other people and how well we accept ourselves.  Develop a high self-esteem and you will feel great about who you are, you will be grateful for who you are and you will proud of all of your strengths and be excited to develop your weaknesses.

Unfortunately, if you have a low self-esteem for whatever reason, you end up believing that people don’t like you and you can never excel in anything.

We are all on a quest to improve our self-esteem and self esteem for teens is a touchy subject.  The reason that I discuss self esteem for teens, specifically, is because this is the time of our lives when we are trying to discover our identity and find our place in society. The exciting that I have found is that our self esteem is not fixed for life. One reason for this is that our self image is always changing and we can mould it positively with the right strategies.

Challenges with Self-Esteem

How we believe other people see us and how we see ourselves are two of the biggest contributing factors to self-esteem. When we are children and teenagers everyone from our parents to our teachers to our friends to our coaches impact the ideas that we form about ourselves. If any or all of these figures spend a lot of time criticizing a child then a healthy self-esteem is unlikely to develop. However, if these people are full of genuine, heartfelt praise then a high level of self-esteem is somewhat inevitable.

As teenagers the views of the people mentioned above can have a massive impact on what I call the ‘Little Voice’ in our own heads. Teens often end up criticizing themselves when really they are just hearing the voice of someone important in their life in their own head. The danger with this Little Voice if not addressed is that it can pick problems out with everything that we do.

As time progresses this negative little voice in a teens head causes as many problems with self-esteem as the voices of other people.

The wonderful thing about the ‘Little Voice’ that causes so much trouble is the fact that you can control it. You can transform this little voice into a positive one, with practice, of course.  You can use the voice that you hear in your head to coach you into being someone with qualities that you admire. It is a matter of re-training your self-image.

Quick Steps to Improve Self Esteem for Teens

  • Deliberatively focus on the great things in your life. Use the inner coach mentioned above to tell you about the positive things in your life. Write down three things that you are grateful for every day. [If that stubborn little voice tries to say that you’re not grateful for anything, stick with it and keeping asking “what am I grateful for?”
  • Focus On Progress not perfection
  • Experiment with different activities/sports/clubs so you can discover where your true talents lie.
  • Only control what you can control. If you feel yourself being negative about something in your life that you can control, start changing it today. However, if you are being negative about something that you can’t control (such as the colour of your eyes) take to time to appreciate yourself the way that you are.
  • Realise that every mistake is an opportunity to learn and do better next time.
  • Focus on some new goals. Think about some things that you’d like to achieve, and then start accomplishing the tasks required to achieve them. Click here to read about my 4 Wheel Drive Goal Setting System.
  • Get moving! You don’t have to love sports just do whatever feels the most fun. Swim, run, trampoline, whatever. You’ll notice how great that you feel afterwards.

Building a rock-solid self esteem can happen at any time. If you have been through something traumatic then you should start with a health professional to guide you through that experience first.  If you haven’t then you can start just by following the steps above.

You’ll notice how you’re new level of self-esteem is making every area of your life better. You’ll have more friends, you’ll be happy more often; you’ll do better at school and so much more.

The topic of self-esteem for teens is close to my heart as it is something that I had to deal with during my adolescence and I am so passionate about it I even wrote a short ebook about loving yourself as a teen! It may take some effort and commitment to develop your self-esteem and you have already made a giant stride for yourself or for the teenager in your life just by reading articles like this one.

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Operate on Full Power

Full-PowerYou have seen them. The people that are making insanely quick progress in their lives and you have no idea how the hell they’re doing it. I don’t know what the secret is and I don’t think that I ever will. Why? Because there isn’t one. I am always striving to be like these people. These are the people that just GET IT DONE! My passion is turning you into one of those people. I care about you getting even better every single day at a crazy pace. The most powerful way to this is to constantly adopt the mindset of FULL POWER!

Think about the last time that you were running, lifting weights or working on your financial freedom. Next, truly ask yourself if you were giving it everything that you’ve got, leaving nothing on the table. Were you operating on full power or were you just going through the motions?

What I have found and still continue to realise is; if you want to get extraordinary results in your life you need to operate on Full Power every single day. It can be pushing out one more rep at the gym, continuing to work on your business until the early hours or making a conscious decision to step up a gear when things aren’t going your way.

My Full Power Principle is often met with conflict. You may be thinking: “what if I do all that and it doesn’t work?” and you may already be thinking that it just isn’t worth it. After all you could just sit around watch reality TV and do nothing every day, right? This is indeed the easy option, but at what cost? Not operating at full power means that you are missing out on becoming the absolute best version of yourself and achieving phenomenal long-term results in your life. It is vital that you get out of the mentality that revolves around ‘instant gratification’ and get clear on the fact that you could be wasting your life away without realising.

You have to be prepared for that pesky negative little voice in your head to show up when you decide to operate on full power. Let me prepare you for a few of the phrases it will throw at you. My guess is you have heard these phrases in your head before.

I just don’t feel like it.

My negative little voice knows that it is fighting a losing battle when it says this to me because I know that you can change the way you feel instantaneously! YOU control how you feel, not the weather, not the traffic, not everybody else….YOU DO! You can just decide that you want to operate on full power, right now.

I haven’t got time

You do have time. We all do and we all have the exact same amount every day. There are many situations that we are born into that are not equal but we’re all given 24 hours a day. Realise that this is just your negative little voice talking you out of it and make time!

I’m too tired

Really? As we speak there are people all over the planet that are pushing themselves to the absolute limit. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said on the topic of his daily 6 hours of sleep: “I know that some of you are thinking, wait a minute; I sleep 8 or 9 hours” he then said “just sleep faster, I would recommend”. What Arnie is saying is, if you want to get to where you want to get to in life you have to be prepared to shake off the feeling of being tired. This is actually pretty simple to do because tiredness is largely a state of mind which you can change in an instant and then ward off for the rest of your day with proper nutrition.

It’s time  to get in touch with every ounce of your potential, be prepared to go the extra mile and operate on full power. I think that you are ready to do this, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading these words right now. Be prepared for the nonsense you may hear in your head, truly go for it and you will surprise yourself. You are ready for the chapter of your life where you achieve every goal that you set. Crank the dial up to full power and enjoy the ride!

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