A Client’s Viewpoint


We all face hardships and obstacles in life, the point is, how we deal with them? Mainly we choose to deal with them with our emotions. We have our emotional responses to everything that happens to us. Whenever we have to do some work we do not feel like doing it. We may even think that we cannot do it because we have not got the potential to do it.

Are you also like “those people”, are you “those people” who are not finding the right motivation in their life to do things?

You can get all the help you need from Jermaine Harris to get the right kind of motivation for yourself. There are many different ways in which the motivation is delayed and thrown back by you in the form of psychological responses.

  1. You start thinking that you are not capable of doing something. Why? Because it is done by those who have got ‘good experience’ or they ‘know more.. How can someone like you just get up and start doing all the stuff that you think is so difficult?
  2. The other thing that gets you down is the feeling of being tired. You spend so much of your time exhausted that you waste a lot of precious minutes crying about how you wasted the day. You take the matter worse in your head your head and you think that you feel tired and now you need some time to rest. You feel sleepy and all dizzy. Then you go down to your bed and sleep. Another day wasted.
  3. The third element is procrastinating. You think you have done so much of your work today. Or you are simply not in the mood to do it today and so you think you can do it tomorrow. This tomorrow shifts to the other tomorrow then another and then another and so on. Your work does not get finished and you get in a habit of delaying and not doing the work in the end.

You might also get de-motivated or feel no motivation at all when you are going through certain mental turmoil. You have family problems or issues and problems in work which depress your mind and you do not find the motivation in you that give you courage to move on.

This is not a big deal. Many of the people around you feel the same as you do. You can be a student, a business man or from any other field of life. You can be very young you could be an OAP. Motivation does not see the age of the people, it is not biased. There are also people who feel certain fluctuations in the amount of motivation they experience. Sometimes it is very high while at the other times it is nowhere in you to be found.

To all these matters regarding the lack of motivation, and to all the people who are facing it, you can get a complete package of help from Jermaine Harris who is a motivator and a counselor by profession. He can help you in finding way out of your boring attitude and help boost your energy by using different means and methods which are motivation boosters.

You can join the online community and also send e-mails to Jermaine and tell him all that is troubling you.

Life Coaching

Life is not an easy game to play. You come across many things in life that are not good. The fact of them being not good for you may not mean that the things are not good by their nature, but that can also mean that those things are not only being liked by us because we do not know how do we have to deal with them. Only if we know the right thing to do we would get to know about the right way in which we can deal with our troubles. But most of the people face problems in this matter which is not a thing to worry about now.

When we face problems it is not actually the problems that put us in dire and difficult situations, it is actually the way we think and perceive things that are the real culprit. We are our own sinners; we are the one who have put us in difficult situations. If you have got a trouble and it is getting worse, do not think only that the trouble in itself is of that magnitude, you should also get your focus on your own behavior. It is always the way you are responding to things that are making the things good and worse for you.

Life is too short to deal with all the things it consists of. It is based on so many emotions and challenges. You have got to face miseries, hardships; you have to go through a complete phase of struggle in order to achieve even the smallest of things that you want to get. You have to cope with so many people around you, you have got your family, your friends and more to it is your own life. Often it happens that you cannot find time for your own self that is what happens when you lose focus around your life. That is the point when miseries hit you right in the head and you fall flat on your face.

At this stage you always seek some help. You think that you need to change your life; you need to let it out and share it with someone who understands you. That is when you get to seek people who can listen to you but more often you come to know that nobody actually cares for you go through. They have no trouble with whether you get over your troubles and grieves or not. Obviously, they have their own matters to deal with, how can they possibly think about you, they are not in your shoes, they have got their own shoes to wear.

But in between all this drama, there are people like Jermaine Harris who care for you. They care for your well-being because mental peace is much more important for a good life and a better ability to cope with difficulties. Jermaine Harris is a person who coaches well for life because he is passionate about your happiness. If you are one of those people who continuously face depressions and challenges of life that are hard to cope with, you can find a perfect Life Coaching at the website where Jermaine Harris gives you free advice on how you can get over your problems.

If you want to be a part of people who are perfectly able to deal with whatever life throws at them then be a part of the community where Jermaine gives you the right way out of your troubles. You can talk about anything that you have to. You can join the website and send free personal e-mails to Jermaine Harris to which he would personally reply and help you in solving your matters.

Personal Development

In order to achieve what we do not have, we have to become what we are not at present. When we step into life we get to know that there is so much in life that we have not experienced. That is why we try to gain as much experience from life as much it offers.  Life can be very blissful as well as harsh in our course of experiences.  Personal Development is something that becomes very necessary when you step into your personal life.

When you are on the point of experiencing the real essence of life while being on your own, you get to ask and face many questions that crop up in your mind like;

–          Who you are?

–          Do you really know yourself?

–          Are you really the person that you wanted to become?

–          Are you really living your life or are you just breathing and existing without any reason being?

–          Why do you get up early in the morning?

–          Where and what is your destination in the world?

–          What if you were not there at all?

–          How do you have to behave in response to your surroundings including the people who are special and the people who do not matter?

–          Is your life really satisfactory?

–          Do the people around you feel happy in your presence or are you just another person to be?

These are the major questions of life which when crop up, spin a complex web in your mind. This can lead into frustration as well.

Person development matters a lot in order to make you the person you are and that you are supposed to be. It also includes exhibiting the expected behavior in the society. You should know what you have to do and when you have to do it. You must be aware of the way you have to deal with things otherwise you end up being a loser.

How many of you feel like a loser? Who has failed in getting from life the best of it? There can be two possible reasons to it, either there is a lack of commitment in you, you have got no aim to follow, no goal to chase, there is no future for you to look for and strive for. The other reason can be the lack of competence in you. You do not do things because you literally cannot do it. The other reasons for it can be your own mental state. You might be facing anxiety and depression in life. You can be under a lot of peer pressure or there is a chance you are into some kind of a complex. Life might not seem clear to you and that is the points which calls for help. When you desperately act and do things that you really do not want to do, that is an inner cry for help coming out from you. You should listen to that voice and seek the right help.

You can get the right kind of help from Jermaine Harris because he is the person who knows all the secrets to a right life. He can help you to get out of your worries and problems. You can develop your personality into one that holds a super power of confidence, vision and charm in it. You can be a better person to achieve and catch all the opportunities that life throws at you. Jermaine can listen to you and give you his word of advice for free and you can avail all the benefits by talking to him like a friend or a savior. He can be the guardian to all your secrets, so do not bother to share and let it all out.