The Top 8 Ways to Avoid the Stress that is Slowly Killing you (#8 Takes 2 Minutes)

ID-100111978You already know that you stress to much and it would be great if reading this blog post could stop that wouldn’t it? You have genuinely started to ‘stress about being too stressed’. You are panicking that you have been damaging yourself over the years aren’t you?

The Silent Killer

It is well known that stress is a silent killer and at best it weakens your immune system and makes you more open to disease and illnesses. The good news is you can avoid the negative effects that stress has on the body by living a balanced, relaxed, healthy, happy lifestyle. To get you on the road to achieving that I’d like to share with you my Top 8 ways to dramatically decrease the stress in your life and rejuvenate your body after years of stress induced deterioration.

We Evolved to Have the ‘Stress Response’ 

We actually developed the ability to experience ‘stress’ as a protection mechanism. This ‘fight or flight’ response that we have built deep in our brains was designed to alert us to a potentially dangerous encounter with a predator. It is the stress response that would inspire you to take evasive action if you came a cross a lion in the wild, giving you a hormonal flood designed to heighten your senses and energy levels.

So how does stress silently kill us?

The unfortunate reality is that the same hormonal response is triggered when we come across stress in our ‘every day’ lives. For example, your finances, your job or your family. The danger occurs when our bodies adapt to operating in this state of high stress causing severe damage to our heart and cardiovascular system.

The consistent stress increase the rate of ageing within your body, especially your circulatory system when your blood pressure sky rockets damaging the walls of your arteries. Consequently, you increasing your likelihood of experiencing a heart attack, a stroke, reduced brain functionality and a weakened immune system.

A staggering 70% of people who visit their GP are doing so because of a stress related illness.

I presume that all of the above makes you passionate about reducing the amount of stress you experience? Take on all of the 8 techniques below and severe, life threatening stress levels will be a thing of the past.

1. Laugh as Much as Possible

Sounds simple and clichéd but laughter really is a natural form of therapy. The power that laughter has on how happy and relaxed we feel is massive. Laughter eases our psychological and emotional load, causes physiological changes that release endorphins and generally makes us feel more positive. Spend time with people who make you laugh, do funny things or watch your favourite comedy. Whatever it is for you make sure you make a conscious effort to seek out laughter every day.

2. Consciously Take Control of your Breathing

Stress causes tension and pressure. These in turn, cause shallow breathing leaving you low on Oxygen. Deep breathing exercises and in particular breathing exercises associated with Yoga are proven methods for releasing stress and enhancing physical and psychological relaxation.  Deep breathing will allow you to get in touch with yourself and detach from the stresses and strains of daily life.

3. Make Time to ‘Play’

Research has suggested that people who spend their spare time playing with their children or pets drastically reduce their stress levels. This is likely to be due to the release of hormones that reduce the stress response.

4. Exercise Daily

Similar to ‘play time’, exercise releases endorphins that make you feel happy and reduce anxiety. Not only that, being disciplined with an exercise regime will allow you to feel proud and grateful. Two emotions that can’t exist in the presence of stress.

5. Make Lifestyle Changes

This could well be the most important part of the stress avoidance process. The main reason that stress is on the increase in modern society is because of our broad, busy, competitive, overly cluttered lifestyles. Realise the the things that are causing you stress in your life and get rid of them. Do you try and do too many things at once? Do you leave things to the last minute? Do you try and accomplish too many goals at one time? Stop doing these things right now and focus on getting things done and moving through life in a controlled and relaxed manner.

6. Aim for at Least One Good Deed Every Day

Doing nice things for other people and being a caring person releases a hormone known as ‘the cuddle hormone’, Oxytocin. Doing at least one good deed every day will stimulate the production of this hormone that is believed to relax your blood vessels and rejuvenate a stress damaged heart.

7. Control What You Put In Your Body

If you really want to avoid the high stress levels that could eventually kill you it is vital that you take control of your sugary food, fatty food and caffeine intake. Caffeine creates a surge of adrenaline, increasing your heart rate and potentially increasing the production of Cortisol (aka the stress hormone). Similarly, sugary and fatty foods can cause high blood pressure and also stimulate the release of the stress hormones.

8. Visualize a Relaxing Experience

Give yourself the 2 minute gift of closing your eyes and thinking your dream holiday destination or your favourite place. Really see the whole picture in great detail and really feel how great it feels to be there. This will allow you to totally remove yourself from whatever stress that may be present at the time.


There are many other ways to relieve stress, become more relaxed and rejuvenate your body. This is just a great list of things that can get you started. The important thing from this moment on is that you actually do something to release the stress from your life.

Make a decision to make your health, relaxation and happiness a priority and give your body the chance to rejuvenate itself.

I’d love to hear about some of the ways that you relieve stress and stay relaxed in the comments below…

End of Post

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How to Overcome Fear And Improve Your Life Quickly

Watch the Video Blog Below on How to Overcome Fear and read the Blog Post Below

ID-100262240As time progresses I am getting more and more passionate about sharing videos and blog posts that contain ideas that have changed my life. One thing that I have had to do consistently is overcome fears. The exciting thing that I have discovered is that you can actually use fear to your advantage as opposed to being paralysed by it. The strategies that I am going to describe have been invaluable to me and some of my clients that have been suffering from the symptoms of fear.

You may be in a situation where you are doing anything and everything instead of doing the thing that you are scared to do. These tools on how to overcome fear will change your life in the same way that they have changed mine. They are the tools that I have learned and developed that allow me to work hard and smart on my goals every single day. They help me to take action on the things that improve my life, they help me to eat well, train hard and build my business.

Each and every time you find yourself not doing what you know you SHOULD be doing it’s because you’re not being totally honest with yourself as to how important the task actually is. You are subconsciously avoiding the things that scare you a little bit even though they’ll take you to where you want to go. That ‘Little Voice’ in your head starts saying things like “Ah it’s okay, you can do it later” or “It won’t make that much of a difference” or “I just don’t want to do it right now” or whatever ever other nonsense the little voice in your head is telling you.

ID-100174428You have to have the presence of mind to consciously say to that voice “STOP!..that is absolute rubbish! Ultimately, what price will I have to pay if I don’t do this right now? What major impact could it have on my life if I don’t do it?”

It is getting head on with the gravity of the situation that will get you back on track and making progress in spite of fear.

I often simplify human behaviour as a drive to gain good feelings or a drive to avoid bad feelings.

If you are not getting on with something, it is because you think that you’ll feel bad in some way if you do it. You have managed to associate bad feelings in some way to the task. This was useful when humans wanted to avoid the bad feelings of being in the presence of a Lion in the wild, however, it is often not as useful now. If you really sat down and thought about how much worse the bad feelings of being obese, with no energy and a likely early grave are than the good feelings of eating that extra cake are you’ll see the power of this idea. We often find ourselves focusing on the immediate good feelings that we will have without considering the long term bad feelings.

There are many Questions you can ask yourself to change your focus to the overall impact on the quality of your life. Here are some that I use to realise the bad feelings that are coming my way if I keep living in this fearful, negative way:

“What will be the overall effect on my life if I keep doing this?”

“What price will I pay in my health, relationships and finances?”

“What will I deny myself in my life if I keep living like this?”

“What has living like this already cost me?”

Here are the questions that I ask myself to induce the good feelings that I will experience if I do the things that will make my life better, even though I may be fearful:

“How will my life improve by doing this?”

“How does doing it move me closer to achieving my BIG goals?”

“How will doing this improve my health, finances and my relationships?”

“Why will I be grateful in 20 years time for doing it?”

ID-10022465I have found that fear can be a sneaky temptress and you can be subconsciously fearful of all sorts of bad feelings that you didn’t even no existed. For example, at the back of your mind, you may believe that if you become a millionaire all of your friends will be jealous and no one will like you. This fear will lead you to link bad feelings to being a millionaire and therefore make you procrastinate and not work on creating financial freedom for you and your family.

The secret is to ask these questions with every choice that you face; fries or salad? Write a business plan or Browse Facebook? Gym or TV? Do you see how often we are faced by these choices?

If you still find yourself not making progress on your goals because of pesky little subconscious fears it is because you haven’t been totally honest with yourself yet.

You cannot get to the point where you know how to overcome fear by just thinking about the good feelings and the bad feelings on an intellectual level. You have to truly FEEL them at your emotional centre. Experience the intense good feelings of being a happy, healthy, success at your very core and experience the overwhelming bad feelings of being an overweight failure and you really are on the road to lasting change.

The fact of the matter is you KNOW that you should be more afraid of what your destructive habits are doing to you but do you actually feel it?

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Stop Worrying in 4 Easy Steps

stop-worryingWe have all been there. That pest of a little voice starts to ‘nag’ in the back your mind. You then start to listen to the voice in your head and it creates a negative thought. Then another negative thought. Then another negative thought after that. Eventually there’s chaos in your mind and you are in a position where you are not thinking straight and you can’t concentrate on anything productive. For me, the dramatic nature of ‘worrying’ had to stop and over the years I have developed a few ways of thinking that will allow you to worry less and manage those troublesome thoughts when they arrive.

1. It Probably Won’t Happen

I can remember reading that 97% of the things that we worry about never actually happen. This information changed my life; it was like a light-bulb was switched on for me. Think about this concept long enough and you’ll notice that it’s true. Ask yourself “How many things that I have sat and worried about, have actually happened?”. If you are like me and most other people you’ll find that the answer is in fact, not that many. These ‘worries’ that you have are more often than not just chaotic negative thought impulses that you have built in your own mind.

Constantly reminding yourself of how rare it is for worries to actually see the light of day will help you to move on and think about something more positive before you allow it get out of hand.


2. You’re Not a Mind Reader, So Why Try?

How often have you found yourself worrying about what someone else is thinking and you actually start to think for them? This process leads to an exaggeration of the situation in your mind and you end up making it worse that it really is. The solution is to be open and just ask them. Your relationships with your friends, family and peers will benefit because of the constant clarity.


3. You Become What You Think About Most of the Time

Our thoughts have a creative quality and it is important to remember that when you are worrying you will be attracting more things to worry about in your life. When I find myself going down the road of thinking negatively and I feel myself about to go into a state of ‘worry’, I ask myself: “Am I really going to dedicate precious thinking time to this?”. Then I refocus my thinking towards something that makes me feel good or a goal that I am working on. You may need to practice this for a few weeks and eventually you will realise how great you are at stopping yourself and quickly moving on to thinking about something positive.

4. Exercise

As am I am writing this I am right in the middle of a time in my life where my daily worries are very low. I put this down to the fact that, recently I have been exercising every day, without fail,. I am not qualified to talk about the many, in depth scientific reasons as to why exercising regularly will release tension, keep you motivated and improve your focus. However, I am certain of the fact that it does!

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3 Ways to Be Grateful Every Single Day

ID-100106167I truly believe that realising how grateful that you are every single day is a fast track to increased levels of Happiness. Do you want to be Happy more often? If yes, it is important that you learn to be grateful for everything that you have got going for you. (For example, if you just thought to yourself “I haven’t got anything going for me”…… are reading this aren’t you?).

Begin small and start feeling grateful for every thing positive that you notice in your life. With practice this can become an incredible asset for your daily life. If you’re like me, you will start to notice how incredibly you grateful you are for a long list of things. It all starts with waking up; this is a phenomenal habit to get into. When you are grateful from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you are off to a winning start. Notice your gratitude for everything: your health, your family, a roof over your head, your phone, your ability to see or hear…the list goes on.

3 Ways to Be Grateful Every Day

Rather than just ‘hoping’ that nice things that you can be grateful for simply find their way into your life, there are habits and routines that you can get into to make Gratitude part of your daily life.

1 – Start with a “Thank You”

It may feel a little strange at first and just have fun with it. As soon as you wake up say the words ‘Thank You’ out loud. Then go somewhere quiet and ask yourself “What am I grateful for?” and just allow the answers to flow. “I am grateful for…”, “I am grateful for…”, “I am grateful for…”. No matter how silly, allow the answers to keep coming and you’ll start saying things like “I am Grateful for the ability to tie my shoelaces” and finally you run out. This is not just some positive thinking trick. This is a real tool that will allow to start your days operating from a productive mindset. Starting the day like this means that whatever comes your way throughout the day, you have already programmed yourself into an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.

2- Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

At the end of every day, enjoy writing down all of the things that you are grateful for from that day. You can even expand and write down ‘why’ you are grateful. There are no rules to this process, have fun with it and allow it to grow. Start writing down things that you are proud of and excited about as well to really add some ‘juice’ to your expanding mindset.

3 – What if It’s Supposed to Happen?

Many things that have happened in my life and the lives of successful people that were very difficult to go through at the time. However, many of them (including me) will tell you that without some of those less desirable things happen they would not be doing what they are doing right now. The world’s greatest Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins puts it like this: “What if life was happening FOR YOU and not TO YOU?” What he means by this is, what if everything, good and bad, was supposed to happen in your life so you could reach your fullest potential? Operating from this level of thinking will allow you to see a negative situation differently and even allow you to be grateful for it because you know that it is going to make you grow as a person and ultimately, improve your life.


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7 Lessons you Should Have Learned at 18…

Love YourselfThe last 3 years of my life have involved me learning more about myself, other people and life in general. This has been combined with learning from the books and seminars of some of the most inspirational thought leaders on planet earth. Over this time I have realised that there are a lot of lessons that we should be taught at 18 and certainly before 25, however, we very rarely learn them. I have taken the opportunity to learn from dozens of men and women from various fields that have allowed me to learn, what I believe to be some of the most important lessons available.

1. Love Yourself

It may sound like a cliche but it’s true. At 18 you’re looking good, feeling good and the world is your oyster. If we could all learn to love ourselves at such a young age, life would be like this for a lot longer.

2. You Only have One Body

There are a lot of unhealthy habits that you have as part of your daily life and when you’re young you think ‘Ah I’m only young once’. However, the unhealthy habits never stop and you end up being ill and miserable for the rest of your life. The important thing about this lesson is not to misunderstand it. Treat yourself, of course. It is not what you do ‘now and again’ that will shape the quality of your life, it is what you do consistently.

Love Your Loved Ones3. Love Your Loved Ones Today

A lot of people make the mistake of waiting until the funeral or until someone is very ill before they say goodbye. This is not a good strategy. A great way to avoid regret is to be proactive. Actively visit your loved ones on a regular basis. Be true to what you feel and say ‘I love you’ as often as you can.

4. Invest Your Money

Anybody with any level of long-term success has invested their money in something. Whether it is themselves, their education, their training or their relationships. They also purchase ‘income producing assets’ as outlined in ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. These assets will then continue to make you money for the rest of your life.

5. Happiness is an Inside Job

Life is unpredictable and when you tie your happiness to external events, you are often going to find yourself unhappy. Focus your happiness on what you have right now, in the moment. Feel grateful and you will feel happy.

Thinking6. It doesn’t matter what ‘They’ think

Live life how you want to live. If your dreams are crazy but you know that you can achieve them, who gives a monkeys what ‘they’ think. If you are making positive choices in relation to your health, wealth and happiness but find yourself worrying what ‘they’ will think, it’s a good sign. Your moving away from the majority; remember most people are unhappy, unhealthy or broke. Maybe even all three! Follow your own truth!

7. Take Massive Action

97% of people reading this or any other positive information will not take action. Why? Because people let themselves get in the habit of not taking action. You can have all of the knowledge in the world but if you don’t act on it, it’s totally worthless. If you want to improve any area of your life….ACT NOW!

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Introducing the Superfood that can make you lose unwanted fat, increase your energy and more…

Top 5 Researched Benefits of Coconut Oil

I am on a constant quest to improve my health, vitality and energy and the discovery of coconut oil has been a magical one. It’s Benefits of Coconut Oilunique make up of fatty acids can have amazingly positive effects on our health.

There are various benefits, from fat loss and increased energy to improved brain functioning. I could list every benefit here but I would rather talk a little about the benefits that I have encountered, researched or personally experienced. When I broke all of these benefits down, I came up with 5 that fit into each of those categories.

1. Coconut Oil Can Help Reduce Body Fat – Particularly around the Abdomen

The research (that I have read, not conducted) suggests that coconut oil reduces the dangerous body fat that is stored in the abdominal cavity and around the organs. Studies conducted have found that adding 30ml of Coconut Oil per day to your diet can reduce waist circumference in as little as 4 weeks. From a personal perspective I have a relatively small waist circumference naturally. However, like a lot of people I have often found it difficult to shed that last little bit of ‘stubborn belly fat’. Coconut Oil has definitely helped me to achieve this. Since adding 3 teaspoons of Coconut Oil per day to my eating plan I have noticed that the skin is a lot tighter around my abdomen and I no longer have any stubborn belly fat.

2. Countries that eat a LARGE amount of Coconut are some of the healthiest people in the world.

Healthiest PeopleHalf of my family is from Barbados and my Great Grandmother recently passed away after 102 years on this planet (Pictured on the right at 101 years old). I wanted to know this woman’s secret to spending so many years on this planet and staying so healthy in the process. It turns out that she ate a lot of Coconut and even her sweetest treat was Coconut Cake (which she would often sell to hungry villagers). This again, made me do some more research and I found out that there are certain populations in the South Pacific that obtain as much as 60% of their Calories from Coconuts. It turns out that these people are phenomenally healthy with little or no incidence of heart disease.

3. Coconut Oil Can Reduce ‘Boredom Hunger’

We have all experienced those times when we know we are only hungry because we are bored. Our stomach is just looking for something to do. Now, instead of reaching for the crisps or chocolate, I strategically space out Coconut Oil, throughout the day. The day-to-day benefits of this may seem small. However, imagine the impact that years of missing out on unnecessary, unhealthy snacks will have on your health and appearance. Boredom Hunger

4. Coconut Oil can Nourish the Hair & Skin

You don’t have to eat Coconut Oil to reap the benefits. I read that people were using Coconut Oil to deal with dry skin. Being as I had trouble with dry skin and I had so many benefits with eating it, I decided to apply Coconut Oil to my skin every day. The result was an improvement in the health, appearance and lipid content of my skin.

5. Coconut Oil can help to Ward off Infections

Illness can often stop us in our tracks on our path to success so I am regularly on the look out for ways to strengthen my immune system. Coconut Oil has proven to be a way to do this. Research suggests that when Coconut Oil is Broken down the resultant components can kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The benefits of Coconut Oil continue to be championed all of the world and the internet. All I can say that it certainly has helped me and my bodily functions. What I will say is: make sure that you go for Organic Virgin Coconut Oil like the one pictured below as opposed to the refined oil.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil