Tiger Woods, Russell Brand or Tony Robbins?

Life is constantly changing and I believe that it’s important that we find our purpose. For me it has moved from being a professional golfer, through an alcoholic womanizer and finally to a personal development guru. It has been a weird and wonderful journey for me so far and I’d love to share it with you…….

I’m excited to talk to you how I could have been a professional golfer, I could have been dead by age 19 and how I now aspire to be the pre-eminent personal development coach on the planet.

professional golfer

I wasn’t in to golf at all. However, all of that changed when I seen Tiger Woods win the US Masters in April 1997. I was a 9 year old boy without what you might call a ‘hero’ at this point. When Tiger burst on to the scene I was amazed at how COOL golf had become overnight.

Over the next 3 years I began caddying for my dad and watching the golf on TV. It wasn’t until 2001 that I had my own full set of clubs and by 2002 I was in the Wales team. Everything was happening so fast and I really thought that I was capable in following in the great man’s footsteps; I was even negotiating a scholarship at Arizona University.

My world came crashing down when I broke my arm in a silly changing room incident in school; I didn’t pick up a golf club for 18 months and started to move towards the second phase of my young life…….

professional golfer

From 16 onwards, now that golf had taken a back seat I was free to in any direction. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong one! My life became an 8 year whirlwind of drinking, womanizing and gambling. I became the ringleader of what any parent would call ‘the wrong crowd’ and I was drinking the equivalent of 12 Bottles of vodka and 12 bottles of wine every week.  During one particular scary week I had an episode where it felt like my heart was stopping. It turned out that I was having alcohol induced ventricular ectopics, which is when your heart gets confused, stops and then resets itself.

At 22 I finally got to a point in my life where ‘Enough was Enough’…..

professional golfer

With the help of Tony Robbins, I turned my life around, completed my Masters Degree with a distinction and started, what is now a lifelong quest into researching, success, happiness and personal development. I spent 2 years reading over 100 books and changing myself for the better in every area of my life. It is now my life’s mission to help as many people as I can change their lives for the better.

As you’ve already heard, it was my original perception that I was destined to be the next Tiger woods. This was not meant to be and I spent some time believing I was destined to be the next Russell Brand (minus the fame and fortune)

NOW, my purpose is clear I am destined to dedicate myself to changing lives in a similar to Tony Robbins.

I am now at ease with myself and my life. I jump out of bed, every day, excited and I am now chasing my dreams (and gaining on them).

Without knowing WHY? We do what we do we are merely drones

Think about it…..

Without knowing WHY? We do what we do we are merely drones

So I encourage you…..