4 Easy Ways to Gain More Time

ID-1002071901. JUST SAY NO!

I am still in the process of putting this aspect of time mastery in to practice every day.  It is so easy to say “yes” to anything and everything that comes your way because you always want to be friendly and helpful. The unfortunate reality of saying yes to everything is we then have to spend valuable time getting out of things we shouldn’t have got ourselves into from the start.  The best technique I have found is to say “to be totally honest and up front with you, I can’t right now but if anything changes I’ll let you know straight away”. This allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you and stops you from adding to an already carefully balanced list of activities.


There are many situations when you could be successfully doing two things at once. You can get really creative with this and it actually becomes quite fun. I know that exercise will always be on my action plan for the day and I also know that listening to some educational material will be as well.  All I do is listen to the audios whilst I‘m exercising, easy.  You may be committed to playing with your children every day and also want to find time to do some light exercise. Why not go play with a ball game with your children in a nearby park? Have a think about where you can make this technique work in your life and the results can be wonderfully time saving.


How many times have you allotted an hour for an activity and it has taken two? Whenever you are planning your days, weeks or months make sure to realise that things often take longer than you would think.  Adopting this mindset ultimately saves you time and any unnecessary stress. Your productivity will start to plummet as you notice the clock ticking on and on and you realise that you are going to have to be ‘playing catch up’ with your to do list. When you overestimate the time it will take to do every task on your to do list then the worst that can happen is that it will take as long as you have predicted but most likely you will be so relaxed in the knowledge that you have enough time that you will find yourself in the wonderful position of being ‘ahead of schedule’.


I had no idea how to write to book, how to market a book, how to structure a book, how to speak about a book…you get the idea.  I now have a book coming out in less than 2 weeks, that would have probably taken 3 years longer to create if I hadn’t sought out the people at the top of my field, purchased their books and attended their seminars that explained how to execute the whole process. In effect, I would have ‘wasted time’. It is absolutely crucial that you find a role model and find out what they did to create their success. Whatever career or endeavour you are in there is someone who either got to the level that you want to get to or managed to find a way to leave that job and do what you ultimately want to do. Find these people, interview them, buy their books, and attend their courses because this investment of time and money in the short term will pay dividends in the rest of your life. You will save yourself, literally, years.

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3 Key Ideas to Help You Master Motivation

ID-100192663A few weeks after I had made my decision to turn my life around, I had hundreds of sheets of paper with notes about ‘how to improve your life’ on them. I really wanted to get myself going and when I started to analyze the notes that I had on motivation it seemed that setting goals was something that kept coming up. I was constantly reading about how the most motivated people in the world were people who set goals, and impressive goals at that. Think about it, does the British runner, Mo Farah run over one hundred miles per week because he is just going through the motions or does he do it because he has the goal of winning Olympic medals?Setting goals is the one thing that got me going and setting and pursuing goals still gets me motivated to such extreme levels that people think that there’s ‘something wrong with me’. Everything about me as a person – my health, my income, my contribution to society, my personality, my happiness have drastically improved because I have mastered the art of motivation through goal setting.

As you read on, it is important that you follow the 4Wheel Drive Goal Setting Method for each area of your life.  When you have a goal for each area of your life and you take action on them all every single day, you’ll notice everything in your life start to improve. I want to share with you 3 Key Ideas to Mastering Motivation.


Think of goals in 3 categories: 1-Goals you know you can achieve, 2-Goals you think you can achieve and 3-goals you actually want to achieve. Type 1 Goals and Type 2 goals create no leverage or inspiration for you. They are exactly the type of goals that mean you have to read this blog post on motivation.  Type 3 Goals, however, inspire you to take action; they are so compelling that motivation is no longer an issue. I’ll give you an example; I used to have the goal of “being a life coach with 10 clients” (Type 1 Goal, I knew I could do this). I then had the goal of, “50 people have been through my life coaching program” (Type 2 Goal, I thought I could this). At the time of writing my goal is now; “to impact the lives of over 1,000,000 people globally through my books, products, seminars and speeches. (Type 3 Goal – This is what I really want!). I don’t need any outside inspiration anymore. I know what I want, I truly believe that I can achieve it and I have no idea how to do it right now but that doesn’t matter.


You have already mastered motivation you just don’t realise it. A true mastery of motivation comes from being 100% committed to something. Do you need to watch a motivational video or listen to motivational music to wash yourself every day? Of course not; you are just 100% committed to being clean and hygienic. You just do it! What if you had this same approach to doing whatever it is you currently ‘wish’ you were motivated to do? It is absolutely crucial that you get in touch with what you are motivated to create in your life every day! This reprogramming process is amazing because I have realised over time that if you don’t program yourself, you will be programmed by the environment and the people closest to you.


If you were in bed and you realised that your house was on fire would you roll over and have ‘5 more minutes sleep’ or would you be MOTIVATED to jump out of bed and get yourself and your family to safety as quickly as possible? You would take immediate action, the REASON being that if you didn’t, you and your family would probably get trapped and die.

The most important factor in being motivated to achieve anything is WHY? Different things act as motivators for different people but we all have certain things that can get us to take action. With a bit of deep thought we can all come up with a compelling list of things to motivate ourselves. There are things like ‘making a positive difference to the world’, ‘becoming financially free’, and ‘doing it for my family’. When these are all aligned you’ll quickly realise that you won’t ever have to worry about being motivated ever again because it is happening whether you feel motivated or not.

I’d Love it if you’d share some of your motivators in the comments box below 🙂

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3 Ways to Rebuild your Self-Esteem Quickly

Rebuild Self-Esteem QuicklyIt is completely normal to experience a loss of confidence during your life. You may have been through a series of difficult challenges that is making you feel worse about yourself than you normally do. Due to the nature of the way we operate as human beings, there are lots of things that could be making you feel this way. Perhaps you have lost someone close to you, or you had an unexpected career change or you lost some money. The fact of the matter is that many of these things happen to a lot of people and it is your response to what happens that will determine the quality of your life. When you have been knocked down and your self-esteem has hit an all time low, it is the pace and strength with which you get back up that will make the difference.

I am a great believer in the words of motivational speaker Les Brown when he says in relation to ‘bad times’: “it has not come to stay, it has come to pass!” This is very true, you will not be feeling like this forever and there are ways that you can boost your self-esteem; you an see 3 of the most effective ways of doing this, below.

People you Love1. Focus on the People you Love

A rapid way to transform your thinking is to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have. Research suggests that the quickest way to do this is to consider the people you have in your life. Really allow yourself to focus your mind on these people. They could be parents, children, extended family members, friends, colleagues or teachers. Anybody that you know loves you and you love them. Seek out these people during your down moments, spend time with them, speak with them, do fun things with them. As you do this you’ll notice that you’re feeling better already. Become aware of how lucky you are to have this support, even if it is just one person. It is this human to human support that has allowed people to overcome incredible challenges. Embrace the support and let your self-esteem grow as you do.

Recall Triumphs2. Recall Triumphs from the Past

You already know how to get through tough times and regain your confidence and self-esteem, because you have done it before! Just because you are feeling down right now doesn’t mean that these successful moments disappear from history. To rapidly rebuild your self-esteem, grab a pen and paper and write down every success that you have ever enjoyed. If you are feeling especially down, your judgement is clouded and you feel that you ‘can’t think of anything’; ask someone you are close to, to help you out. Allow everything to come out: exams you have passed, driving test success, sporting achievements, travelling to places you wanted to go. Get as many things down as you can, then review that list and think something like this to yourself: “hey, I really have had a lot of success in my life and I’m going to bounce back from this current situation and there are more successes to come”.

Change the Questions3. Change the Questions in your Head

Ask a terrible question and you’ll get a terrible answer. For example if you sit and ask yourself questions like “Why do bad things always happen to me?”, your brain has to come up with an answer and a whole host of negative information will be fired into your conscious mind. However, what if you were to ask questions like “What is the best way for me to use this situation to make me happier and more successful?” – you’d get totally different answers, right? Use this particular functionality of your brain to your advantage. Come up with a list of powerful, positive questions that provoke answers that will make you feel great and inspire you to take action. Do this as soon as you start to feel down because it it will transform your thinking and rebuild your self-esteem very quickly.

Please feel free to leave comments below about ways you have rebuilt your self-esteem 🙂

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3 Simple Ways to Pulverize Procrastination

Pulverize ProcrastinationHow often do you find yourself doing lots of different things apart from the thing that you should actually be doing? You spend hours on social media, your smartphone, even watching TV. In the modern, fast paced world, we are always looking for some type of escape. This ‘escape’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing negative things, either. Early on in my career I found myself addicted to Tony Robbins videos. All of these videos have an amazing message and Tony is my idol but through some deep reflection I realised that I was still ‘escaping’ from the high paced more difficult tasks that I should be doing. A ‘little escape’ now and again can be a healthy thing. However, persistent procrastination will stop you from doing all of the things that matter the most. One imminent danger, is that you’ll start to think very negatively because you’ll start to feel that ‘you never get anything done’.

I am all about action so I’d like to share with you the 3 Simple Strategies that I use to ‘Pulverize Procrastination’.

Get the Most Difficult Task1. Get the Most Difficult Task Out of the Way

Business man and speaker Brian Tracy is a big fan of the phrase (in fact he wrote a book called), ‘Eat that Frog!’. What he means by this is; getting the thing that is perhaps the most difficult, time consuming or least enjoyable done first. It could be an uncomfortable phone call, an email clear out or a report that you have been putting off. Doing it first will allow the rest of the day to feel like a breeze and you’ll enjoy moving through the rest of the items on your To-Do-List and it will be much easier. This one little change to how you approach your day can make a big difference.

2. Don’t See a Task as Bigger Than it Actually is

Sitting there and ‘thinking it to death’ only makes the task seem bigger. You allow yourself to over-think it, which results in you constantly putting it off. The fact that this is happening means you are thinking about what you have to do in a negative way and by not doing it, you are just protecting yourself from you perceive to be a painful experience. My philosophy is, “Jermaine this is the task you have to do, take action on it straight away and it will become smaller and easier by the second”.

Do it3. If You ‘Should’ do it……’Do it’

It is so common for us to hear ourselves say ‘hmm, I probably should do this or I should do that. When you hear yourself saying this, it is usually a pretty good indicator that it definitely has to be done, so just do it now! This was a massive change for me because I used to be terrible for saying that I ‘should’ do things. You can do what I did and start playing a little game with yourself. Start with small things; if you think ‘I should wash the dishes now’. Wash them straight away! Soon you will take this skill into every aspect of your life and you’ll become the type of person who just ‘get’s things done’.

I’ve also written about ways to Stop Procrastination on Bingo Sweets. 

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The 6 Rules of Success that I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rules of SuccessI have known for some time that feeding your mind with inspirational books and audios is very important. In the early days I came across a portion of an Arnold Schwarzenegger speech where he outlines his ‘6 Rules of Success‘. When a man moves from Austria to America to pursue his dreams, becomes the world’s best bodybuilder, a Hollywood Actor and then the Governor of California he may know a thing or two about success. He has written books, made successful documentaries, the list goes on and on. When you listen to him speak about how his rules of success apply to all aspects of life, goals and dreams, you sit up and listen. He talks with such passion and authenticity it is almost hypnotic. Here are ‘Arnie’s’ 6 Rules of Success

1. Trust Yourself

Arnold’s first piece of advice is to trust yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. Whether it be friends, colleagues or peers; trust yourself because you believe in yourself and in your vision. He instructs you to really dig deep and find out from within, who you want to be. This will allow you to follow your dreams and do what you want with your life, no matter how crazy it sounds to other people. This has been massive for me in my life; there is no way I would even be sat writing this blog post if I hadn’t trusted myself. I have had to trust myself many times on my journey because I have relentlessly pursued my dream of being a successful coach, author and speaker in the face of people thinking that I’m ‘nuts’.

2. Break The Rules

Mr. Schwarzenegger knows that if you are going to be a ‘true original’ you have to think outside the box. His philosophy is: “what is the point of being here if all you want to do is be liked by everyone”. I have read many times that a certain road to failure is trying to please everybody. Many people have criticized how much I have done in order to turn my life around, but that is who I am now. I have had to break certain ‘rules’ of my peer group along the way and I am happy that I have because this has contributed significantly to my development.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Successful people like Arnold know that if you harbour a fear of failure within you, you will never step out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries. It is essential to keep pressing forward and believe in your vision because you know that this is what gives your life meaning and success will come.

4. Don’t Listen To The Naysayers

When you have a larger vision of yourself and you announce what your plans are, there are going to be people that show up and tell you that it can’t be done. IGNORE THEM. If you listen to the people that tell you that you can’t do it then failure is inevitable because you believe that it won’t happen for you anyway. Listening to Arnie’s advice, whenever someone says something that I wan’t to achieve ‘won’t happen’ I absolutely love it because it is like free motivation. Take absolutely no notice of the people that say it can’t be done.

5. Work Your Butt Off

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for his incredible work ethic. Without it, he probably wouldn’t have achieved all that he has achieved. Arnie knows that when you are aiming to be at the top of any field there are other people vying for your spot. Remember that when your messing around and procrastinating someone else is working hard and making process. Arnie also says that none of his rules of success will work, unless you do. I can really relate to this rule because I have always had a relatively low work ethic and I used to ‘coast’ quite a lot. However, my life has improved dramatically since I have committed to getting up at 5.30am every day and working extremely hard on every one of my goals.

Giving Back6. Giving Back

Arnold is very aware of the fact that using your time and money to help other people will be the most rewarding thing that you can ever do. All successful people that are truly fulfilled live by this rule. I made my biggest charitable contribution of my life so far on Christmas Eve of 2013 by going to the supermarket and buying a load of food and taking it to homeless centre. I know that it may sound a bit clichéd but my heart literally felt warm. That is true success.

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5 Elite Habits That Will Make You Successful

Make SuccessfulOver the last few years I have realised that if I am truly committed to getting the same results as the most elite people on this planet then I have to think and act like the most elite people on this planet, every single day! My study of the world’s elite in every field suggests that to be extremely successful you have to leave ‘average’ behind. The greatest successes in this world are people that have the highest standards in their chosen area. Having high standards translates as doing things a little bit out of the ordinary, every single day!

Below are 5 Elite habits that will allow you to ‘step up’ and join some of the greats.

Morning Mastery1. Morning Mastery

You’d be amazed if you sat down like I have and studied how the world’s elite start their day. Every single one of them start their day at a deliberate time in a deliberate way, every day. The first habit to develop is to jump up and start the day as soon as your alarm sounds, otherwise, by hitting ‘snooze’ you are procrastinating from the very second that you wake up!

Develop a morning ritual and wake up earlier than normal so you can program yourself for a successful day. If you get up, exercise, feed your mind and have a nutritious breakfast, you are already ahead of nearly everybody!

2. Daily Goal Reminders

It is vital that you remind yourself of your goals every single day! You could carry your most important BIG Goals around with you on a little card. You could also review your goals every morning and every evening. This will allow you to keep your energy levels up when you are pursuing your goals because you will always be aware of WHAT YOU WANT!

Little Fish3. Be The ‘Little Fish’

It’s time to be the little fish in the big pond. Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas is fond of the saying: “if you’re the best in your group, you need a new group”. Seek out the most elite people in your field, spend time with them, learn from them, even offer to help them. Just by spending time in these circles will activate your subconscious need to be ‘the same’ as your peers and you will become even better as a result.

4. Think Long Term

Make sure that everything that you eat, do or buy on a daily basis is in line with your long term vision. When you feel the urge to make an impulse purchase, take a step back and consider spending the money on something that will bring you closer to your goals. The American Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett said “The greatest investment you can make is in yourself”.

5. Take The Tough Route

Sometimes there may well be an easy route to your next destination when it comes to living your dreams. However, more often than not, you have to ‘go up the rough side of the mountain’. As a society we are constantly looking quick and easy paths to success but it’s time to face the tough option if that is what is going to get you there. Rather than running from it; embrace it, have fun with it and take small steps knowing that you’re going to get there.

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5 Success Thoughts…

Success ThoughtsTrying to boil success down in one simple blog post is not a possibility. It is a complex phenomenon that is defined differently by different people. However, if you were to analyse successful people from several different backgrounds, I can assure you that you would begin to notice a pattern. One of the most striking patterns that I have noticed is the fact that every successful person that I have met or interviewed employ some type of positive thinking (either deliberately or by accident).

It seems that having positive thought patterns will be crucial when you are making your dreams and goals a reality in your life. We regularly sabotage our own successes by misinterpreting events and viewing a situation from a negative perspective when we could just as easily view it from a positive perspective.

In my experience, successful people have the ability to draw on their positive thinking ability when the going get’s tough or to make a great situation even better. Here are my Top 5 ‘Success Thoughts’…

1. Failure is Success if you Learn from it

Nobody wants to fail but failure always has and always will be part of success. History is filled with people who failed their way to success. Embrace failure as a way to realise the fact that you haven’t found the right method yet. It can only be failure if you stop. Keep going and success will come

2. Passion Creates Drive

Passion will keep you going through the bad moments. Without passion, I personally would have quit a long time ago. People are always asking me, “How do you get up so early and keep going all day”. My answer is always the same; passion.

Passion Creates Drive3. Patience is a Virtue

This isn’t just ‘an old saying’ it’s very true! Success isn’t given to you when you wake up one morning. Being aware of this and allowing yourself to positively move towards achieving your goals no matter what the obstacles means you will have the commitment required to get you there.

4. An Attitude of Gratitude

As I am writing this, I have recently been reminded of how precious life is and how it can take a bad turn at any moment. It is so important to focus on the great things that you have in your life; your family, your friends, your eyesight; anything. It doesn’t matter what it is for you, just focus on being grateful everything that you have. This alters the quality of your life for the better and you’ll start to appreciate that life really is a gift and you’ll feel invigorated.

5. Strive to be in the Top 1%

99% of people seem to find comfort in being ‘average’ the other 1% of the population do not. Believe that you are going to do something extraordinary with your life and don’t settle until you have done it. The top 1% of people are always prepared to go above and beyond what ‘other people’ think is possible. Never mind what ‘other people’ say, if you think that you can do it, go and do it. Once you start operating with these thought patterns, you’ll become unstoppable.

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How I created a Passive Income Online…

Passive IncomeIn the early days of turning my life around I was consistently coming across the idea that I could create what was known as ‘Passive Income’. At the time I didn’t know what this was and with a little research, I discovered that it meant making money whether you were working or not. I could make money in my sleep, whilst on the golf course or whilst walking around the shops. Needless to say, I liked the idea! The first piece of advice that I would give you, would be to begin exploring the different ways to create passive income for yourself immediately. I say this because it could, of course take some time. If it was easy everybody would be doing it, right.

Working IncomeWorking Income vs. Passive Income

Working income is the type of income that requires your time and effort. The best example of working income is a job. With a job you get paid for the amount of hours you spend in work. If you don’t put in the TIME then you will not get paid and ultimately get fired. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a job as one of your income streams. My experiences have taught me, however, that adding passive income streams is where the real fulfilment and financial security lies…

Passive income only requires you to work hard ONCE! For example, when J.K. Rowling was sat writing Harry Potter she was actually earning less money than someone working in a Fast Food Restaurant. However, when the book was finished, a whole world of passive income streams was created for J.K. She will be making money 24 hours per day, 7 days per week doing whatever she wants with her time, for the rest of her life.

The Goal of Financial FreedomFinancial Freedom

Financial Freedom is the situation you can create for yourself where your passive income covers all of your expenses. Over the past couple of years I have met several people who have created this for themselves and I have been obsessed with creating it in my life as well. Not because of greed but because I have found that people that are financially free can leverage their business to help more people across the world, they can spend more time with their loved ones and they can do incredible ‘hands-on’ work for charity. One of my favourite books on the importance of having passive income streams when it comes to creating financial freedom online is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. His style of writing will inspire you and will probably make you think that his concepts should be taught in schools!

It Started with the Internet…

Although there seemed to be so many ways of ways of creating passive income (property, stocks & shares, creating products and more), the method that really stuck out for me was making money online. It stood out because it was very affordable to get started and you could make quick returns. I set about finding some sort of affordable training and I am not ashamed to admit that I spent money on a whole load of nothing to begin with because I didn’t know what I was doing. That is why I feel privileged to be able to talk about this stuff to you so that you don’t have to make all of the same mistakes.

Bring the FreshTo cut a long story short, I can recommend a training program called Bring the Fresh, which contains step by step videos that will guide you through the whole process. It was following the Bring the Fresh training that allowed me to create a whole new feeling in my emotional bank. That feeling you get when you wake up and realise that you have made money whilst you have been asleep. (It’s Incredible)

When it comes to starting out making a passive income online, there’s nothing that I could recommend more highly. Making passive income online has meant that I can spend more time creating books and programs that help people (which is my passion) without having to worry about the money coming in whilst I’m creating them.

The internet may not be the place for you to get started in creating passive income streams as you may have some start up capital to perhaps look elsewhere. However, the internet is such a big marketplace and is growing every day. This makes it the ‘obvious’ choice for your first passive income generating venture.


Good Luck and I wish you Financial Freedom!

7 Lessons you Should Have Learned at 18…

Love YourselfThe last 3 years of my life have involved me learning more about myself, other people and life in general. This has been combined with learning from the books and seminars of some of the most inspirational thought leaders on planet earth. Over this time I have realised that there are a lot of lessons that we should be taught at 18 and certainly before 25, however, we very rarely learn them. I have taken the opportunity to learn from dozens of men and women from various fields that have allowed me to learn, what I believe to be some of the most important lessons available.

1. Love Yourself

It may sound like a cliche but it’s true. At 18 you’re looking good, feeling good and the world is your oyster. If we could all learn to love ourselves at such a young age, life would be like this for a lot longer.

2. You Only have One Body

There are a lot of unhealthy habits that you have as part of your daily life and when you’re young you think ‘Ah I’m only young once’. However, the unhealthy habits never stop and you end up being ill and miserable for the rest of your life. The important thing about this lesson is not to misunderstand it. Treat yourself, of course. It is not what you do ‘now and again’ that will shape the quality of your life, it is what you do consistently.

Love Your Loved Ones3. Love Your Loved Ones Today

A lot of people make the mistake of waiting until the funeral or until someone is very ill before they say goodbye. This is not a good strategy. A great way to avoid regret is to be proactive. Actively visit your loved ones on a regular basis. Be true to what you feel and say ‘I love you’ as often as you can.

4. Invest Your Money

Anybody with any level of long-term success has invested their money in something. Whether it is themselves, their education, their training or their relationships. They also purchase ‘income producing assets’ as outlined in ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. These assets will then continue to make you money for the rest of your life.

5. Happiness is an Inside Job

Life is unpredictable and when you tie your happiness to external events, you are often going to find yourself unhappy. Focus your happiness on what you have right now, in the moment. Feel grateful and you will feel happy.

Thinking6. It doesn’t matter what ‘They’ think

Live life how you want to live. If your dreams are crazy but you know that you can achieve them, who gives a monkeys what ‘they’ think. If you are making positive choices in relation to your health, wealth and happiness but find yourself worrying what ‘they’ will think, it’s a good sign. Your moving away from the majority; remember most people are unhappy, unhealthy or broke. Maybe even all three! Follow your own truth!

7. Take Massive Action

97% of people reading this or any other positive information will not take action. Why? Because people let themselves get in the habit of not taking action. You can have all of the knowledge in the world but if you don’t act on it, it’s totally worthless. If you want to improve any area of your life….ACT NOW!

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