10 Reasons Why You Need a Life Coach

life-coachIf that negative little voice woke up when you read the headline of this article and said “I don’t need a life coach”. Take a breather, you may need to read this more than anyone else.

Whether it is the best selling self-help books of all time, the best athletes or the world’s most successful businessmen; all of their best advice would have one thing in common: The most rapid route to success/achievement in anything is to locate a coach, role model or mentor that has either achieved what you are trying to achieve or has helped others to achieve it. This is something that you have heard before, right? All of the successful people that I have studied offer this advice, from Tiger Woods to Tony Robbins.

Although this is true and everyone accepts this notion, most people don’t have a life coach in their lives. We are all addicted to the “I can do it myself” mentality and we are not prepared to invest our money into the most important thing in our lives (ourselves!). I used to be one of these people and it was holding me back from success. I now have several coaches and mentors to coach me in different areas of my life and if I could turn back the clock, I would have had a life coach as soon as I turned 18 (if not younger). I would have saved so much time, money and effort. That being said, I will be forever grateful for the coaches and mentors that I have in my life right now and I am delighted to have learned from my mistakes.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting recently and I decided to make a Video about “The10 Reasons Why you Need a Life Coach”. Having a coach has allowed me to improve my life much faster and has allowed me to become a much better life coach myself. Whatever I have invested in coaching I have always made it back at least 3 times over in time and money. Without my coach I wouldn’t have started my own business, I wouldn’t have got down to 7% body fat, I wouldn’t have cured my asthma, I wouldn’t be making money on the internet whilst I was asleep; I wouldn’t have achieved so many things.  

Please Watch My Video Blog on The 10 Reasons Why you Need a Life Coach:

In the above Video I discuss how having coaches has impacted my life and how much my life has changed as a result. 

10 Reasons Why You Need a Life Coach

Below are the 10 Reasons Why you Need a Life Coach in more detail:

1. Having a Life Coach Saves you Time and Brings you in a State of ‘Rapid Achievement’

We are all running out of time. You can always get more money, more food, more cars, more businesses but you’ll never be able to get more time. Although this is true and people, once again, accept this idea on an intellectual level, they still try to do things the hard way; by themselves and end up wasting precious time. This happens when we try and do things on or own because we are on a path that is new to us and we don’t know the fastest route. 

Imagine you were stuck in the Sahara Desert and you had to find your way to civilisation. You could end up on an incredibly frustrating, stressful journey of trial and error that would ultimately end in your death.

Now imagine the same scenario but you are allowed to have the most experienced Sahara Desert Navigator in the world with you at all times. This person knows every inch of the great desert, knows how to survive and knows how to get to civilisation very quickly one hundred times out of a hundred. Would this save you time, stress and anguish? Would it ultimately save life your life? In fact, would this actually end up being an enjoyable experience that you would recommend to your family and friends? 

This is the best way I can describe having a coach. They give you the ‘map’ or the path to follow. Like the Desert Adventurer they have been there before, they know how to help you and they will get you to where you need to go a lot faster. They know every wrong turn to avoid and they know exactly what to do if you venture in the wrong direction.

2. Having a Life Coach Makes you Accountable

When I had my first life coach I really benefited from being held accountable for everything that I did. When you have a life coach you’ll find yourself procrastinating less, you’ll stop fear from holding you back and you’ll generally get things done faster. Every human has limiting beliefs and restrains that we place on ourselves. We all have thought and behaviour patterns that stop us from fulfilling our greatest potential. A life coach that is there to push you to heights that you have never been to before will allow you to have breakthroughs and “aha” moments. Once this happens, your life elevates itself quickly and easily.


The idea of a coach making you accountable addresses the fact that most of us already know what we have to do to move forward but we just don’t do it. Having a life coach that expects you to have made progress by your next call or session makes sure that you get on with things! The life coaching process will teach you to place no value on excuses and to only be interested in taking action. When you are doing things by yourself, you only answer to yourself. And as you probably already know, you are very good and finding excuses as to why you couldn’t do it. What I found in being accountable to a coach is that just the thought of giving excuses makes you feel embarrassed so you force yourself to step up. 

3. Having a Life Coach Allows you to Vent Your Frustrations in a ‘Safe’ Environment

You know those days where things just don’t seem to be going quite right? Things have annoyed you, people have gone back on their word? You have tried your absolute best and things just haven’t worked out, you know those days, right? It is great to have supportive family and friends in this situation but I can tell you there is nothing quite like having a Life Coach. With family and friends you ‘guess’ what there opinion is going to be before they give it, you let the tension build between you rather than venting it fully. With a Life Coach you can really get the most out of a day filled with bad moments. A quality coach will get you to use your ‘bad day’ to your advantage, so you can push forward rather that be held back. 

4. Having a Life Coach Saves you Money

I thought that running a coaching business and an online business simultaneously was going to be easy. After all, I had read a couple of books, I had the motivation, I had the skills, right? WRONG. I really had no idea and when you have no idea you are letting money just pass you buy. To compound this further, you will find yourself (just like I did) wasting money on things that you think will make you money but end up making you nothing. You start to operate at a loss. When I took on a coach to help me with my business, he told me what to DO and I did it. He ended up thinking of things that I never would have thought of, he believed that I could do it. All I had to do was execute.

Going into all of the ways that coaches have helped me would take a very long time indeed. It suffices to say that the investment that I have made in coaches has saved me thousands of pounds! If that little voice in your head has ever said “I can’t afford a Life Coach”, let me tell you the plain truth You can’t afford NOT to have one!

5. Having a Life Coach will Help you Find Your Purpose

I had no idea what my purpose was when I first entered into life coaching and mentoring programmes. Yes, I had started to turn my life around and I had improved my daily behaviour. I knew that I wanted to help people do the same but with help from my coach, I discovered my purpose. I now know that I am here to truly inspire others to believe in and live a life filled with health, wealth and happiness. 

What purpose could you have sitting inside of you? I don’t know you but I do know something about you…you have greatness within you. The world is waiting for your massive contribution. Unfortunately, without someone’s help you may never discover what that purpose actually is. 

6. Having a Life Coach Give You Ideas you may Have Never had

When I first started as Life Coach I was only offering ‘hour-by-hour’ coaching. This was giving me a decent living but I wanted to build something bigger. That was when my life coach suggested that I start offering ‘Transformational Programmes’ that involved similar processes that I had used to change my life. At first I tried to tell him that I wasn’t sure it would work and that was when he coached me through the fact that I was just fearful of offering more expensive programmes. 

These are now the programmes that I offer clients from all over the world and they can adapted for face to face coaching, email coaching, skype coaching and telephone coaching. My business is as much as 4 times as profitable as a result of this one idea and better still, I no longer have to pencil in multiple one hour slots that effect my business activity. 

7. Having a Life Coach Helps you Avoid Unnecessary Stress

HappinessNumber 1 touches on how you will be saved stress and potential pain by having a Life Coach but it is worth mentioning in more detail. Ultimately, life is made up moments and if the majority of these moments are positive moments we are in for a positive life right? The great thing about having a coach is they can help you to avoid potential stress in the future, either because they have lived it themselves or they have helped other people avoid it. The greatest unnecessary stress that a life coach allows you avoid is the stress of getting things wrong over and over and again. Why try 100 different diets when a coach can get you to a place where you’re looking and feeling amazing first time round? A life coach will allow you to take the right route at the right time meaning you’ll be on a journey with the stressful obstacles already removed by the coach.

8. Having a Life Coach Makes Your Feel Excited About Life Again

Do you remember, as a child when every day was like an adventure? What cardboard box were you going to turn into a spaceship? What spoonful of green stuff would whizz itself towards your mouth posing as an aeroplane? What furniture item would be your new climbing frame? Life can be like this again! These creative, adventurous tendencies that are ‘beaten out of us’ by life are not extinct. They just lay dormant. A coach will bring these attributes back to life. Having a coach will make every day feel like an adventure again. What new business will you start? How will you go out and meet the love of your life? What new sport will you try? Your coach will open up a list of exciting questions that are in your head and then encourage you to go out and answer them.

9. Having a Life Coach will Help you to Get to Know Yourself Better.

My coaches and mentors have allowed me to gain such amazing insights into myself and who I am. Every step that you take in the coaching journey, your coach will provide you with feedback and help you make new discoveries. I am a big fan of the phrase “You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame”. I can honestly say that with every single one of the clients that I have coached over the last 3 years I have always noticed subtleties in the way that they think and act that they weren’t even aware of. Often times it is a ‘story’ that I can tell they have’on repeat’ in their head or the way that the quality of their body language drops when they talk about a certain aspect of their lives. The only way that these negative, unconscious thought processes and behaviours can be undone is if we are deliberately ‘reprogrammed’ by someone else.

The beauty of having a coach make you aware of these challenges is that you can rapidly change them together. I’ve seen absolutely phenomenal transformations just by making a small change. This was particularly true of one client of mine who we’ll call Jane for the purposes of this Blog Post. Whenever, Jane would talk about a particular family member I would literally watch her shoulders drop and I could sense her making negative pictures on the screen of her mind. Just by tackling this issue head-on, Jane made all kinds of positive strides in every area of her life. She was no-longer a prisoner of unconscious thoughts and behaviours. Without a coach Jane never would have known.

10. Having a Life Coach will Make you More Confident

I’d be willing to bet you that there is a list of things that you want to do but you don’t feel confident enough or you don’t have the self-belief to do them. When my coach suggested that I run in the Cardiff Half Marathon I didn’t think that I could do it. I had taken on the belief that the doctors had given me that I couldn’t run long distance on a hard surface. That’s when my coach reminded me of an important fact: “someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”. This ‘shot in the arm’ allowed me to get confident enough to start the training program and ultimately complete the run. I believed in his belief in me. Having a coach will make you step up, raise your standards and your confidence will grow as an inevitable by-product.

Happy-lifeIf Tiger Woods, Beyonce and Richard Branson have Coaches…

Every person at the top of any field has a coach. Whether we are talking entertainers, sports people or business people. If they need coaches, so do we! Answer me this, does Beyonce need a coach? Does Richard Branson need a coach? Of course they don’t, but by having coaches in their lives it gives them a ‘cutting edge’. They use the coaches to draw more out of themselves that they ever would have gotten on their own.

No successful person got to where they are on their own. They all had mentors, coaches, advisers and role models. It’s time to make the “I can make it on my own” philosophy, die. Stop telling yourself this story because it is preventing you from getting to where you want to go in life. The next thing that troublesome little voice in your will say is “I can’t afford it”. More nonsense! I have come to realise that when anyone (me included) says those words it is in fact nothing to do with money and everything to do with how committed you are. With full commitment, you make things happen. It’s an old analogy but answer it truthfully: if someone had a gun held to the head of the person that you love most in this world and said “if you don’t get me £5,000 in 4 weeks I pull the trigger”, we both know that you would find the money. It sounds far fetched but you can literally take that level of commitment and urgency into everything that you do.

So many times in recent years, I haven’t had the money for a coach or to attend an inspirational event or start another passive income stream. Rather than saying to myself “I can’t afford it” and leaving it there I now say “If I am committed to making this happen, I will find the money and I will find it quickly”.

The most recent example of this was when I had money tied up in my businesses and I didn’t have the cash-flow to capitalise on an opportunity to make more money online. Did I just let the opportunity sail by? Of course not! I ended up selling a lot of stuff that I didn’t use any more on eBay. I got together £700 which was more than enough to get my new venture off the ground.

If I’m totally honest with you, you genuinely can’t afford not to have a coach. It’s costing you a fortune financially, physically, mentally and emotionally already. It may seem like I have gone to a lot of trouble, writing 3,000+ words to make the point that we should all have coaches but let me tell you one thing: if you are still reading these words you are the type of person that will reach world-beating heights with the help of a life coach! If you just read this post and then go back to what you were doing before, nothing changes. However, if you accept my challenge, take action on what you have just read and find a coach straight away, (yes right now), it will be one of the greatest decisions that you have ever made.

Even though I am phasing out the ‘One on One Coaching aspect of my business, I’d still love to hear from you if you’re interested in taking me on as your coach. Transforming people’s lives is my passion and I’d love to help you. I currently have 3 Open slots for coaching as several people have just renewed recurring coaching contracts. You can email to contact me about coaching or message me on my Facebook or Leave a Comment below. 

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Self Esteem for Teens

ID-100112502It is easy to let your mind drift as a teen when you have so much going on in your life. I remember it well: am I going to pass this next batch of exams? Am I going to get in the football team? Is ‘that girl’ really interested? I became aware at a young age that there are two possible directions that your mind can lead you; a positive one and a negative one. Consider the negative thought processes: “These exams are difficult; I’m never going to pass., not to mention the fact that being this small and skinny I’ll never make the football team…Girls only like boys on the football team which means that girl I like isn’t going to be interested… I’m just a nobody and always will be.”

Realise that the following reaction is equally as possible if we choose the positive direction. “I’m going to work so hard for these exams that passing is inevitable, it’s going to be such a cool couple of weeks because I’ll have the time to get in shape and make the football team as well. It’s going to be awesome; I’m doing so well in my life”

What is Self-Esteem?

You know that picture that you have in your head of yourself? Who you are, how you look, your abilities and what your weaknesses are? This is the self-image that you have developed from a very young age. This self-image or mental picture that ID-10092501you have of yourself is affecting your self-esteem.

Our self-esteem is how much we believe that we are loved and valued by other people and how well we accept ourselves.  Develop a high self-esteem and you will feel great about who you are, you will be grateful for who you are and you will proud of all of your strengths and be excited to develop your weaknesses.

Unfortunately, if you have a low self-esteem for whatever reason, you end up believing that people don’t like you and you can never excel in anything.

We are all on a quest to improve our self-esteem and self esteem for teens is a touchy subject.  The reason that I discuss self esteem for teens, specifically, is because this is the time of our lives when we are trying to discover our identity and find our place in society. The exciting that I have found is that our self esteem is not fixed for life. One reason for this is that our self image is always changing and we can mould it positively with the right strategies.

Challenges with Self-Esteem

How we believe other people see us and how we see ourselves are two of the biggest contributing factors to self-esteem. When we are children and teenagers everyone from our parents to our teachers to our friends to our coaches impact the ideas that we form about ourselves. If any or all of these figures spend a lot of time criticizing a child then a healthy self-esteem is unlikely to develop. However, if these people are full of genuine, heartfelt praise then a high level of self-esteem is somewhat inevitable.

As teenagers the views of the people mentioned above can have a massive impact on what I call the ‘Little Voice’ in our own heads. Teens often end up criticizing themselves when really they are just hearing the voice of someone important in their life in their own head. The danger with this Little Voice if not addressed is that it can pick problems out with everything that we do.

As time progresses this negative little voice in a teens head causes as many problems with self-esteem as the voices of other people.

The wonderful thing about the ‘Little Voice’ that causes so much trouble is the fact that you can control it. You can transform this little voice into a positive one, with practice, of course.  You can use the voice that you hear in your head to coach you into being someone with qualities that you admire. It is a matter of re-training your self-image.

Quick Steps to Improve Self Esteem for Teens

  • Deliberatively focus on the great things in your life. Use the inner coach mentioned above to tell you about the positive things in your life. Write down three things that you are grateful for every day. [If that stubborn little voice tries to say that you’re not grateful for anything, stick with it and keeping asking “what am I grateful for?”
  • Focus On Progress not perfection
  • Experiment with different activities/sports/clubs so you can discover where your true talents lie.
  • Only control what you can control. If you feel yourself being negative about something in your life that you can control, start changing it today. However, if you are being negative about something that you can’t control (such as the colour of your eyes) take to time to appreciate yourself the way that you are.
  • Realise that every mistake is an opportunity to learn and do better next time.
  • Focus on some new goals. Think about some things that you’d like to achieve, and then start accomplishing the tasks required to achieve them. Click here to read about my 4 Wheel Drive Goal Setting System.
  • Get moving! You don’t have to love sports just do whatever feels the most fun. Swim, run, trampoline, whatever. You’ll notice how great that you feel afterwards.

Building a rock-solid self esteem can happen at any time. If you have been through something traumatic then you should start with a health professional to guide you through that experience first.  If you haven’t then you can start just by following the steps above.

You’ll notice how you’re new level of self-esteem is making every area of your life better. You’ll have more friends, you’ll be happy more often; you’ll do better at school and so much more.

The topic of self-esteem for teens is close to my heart as it is something that I had to deal with during my adolescence and I am so passionate about it I even wrote a short ebook about loving yourself as a teen! It may take some effort and commitment to develop your self-esteem and you have already made a giant stride for yourself or for the teenager in your life just by reading articles like this one.

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Book Review – The Success Principles

book-ReviewThe Success Principles by Jack Canfield is essentially a collection of ideas to help the reader to achieve their professional and personal goals. Jack Canfield reveals no less than 64 principles for success to help people in any field with high aspirations.

This is one of the books that really helped me to transform the way that I though about Goals, Life and Success. Canfield (co-creator of the phenomenal Chicken Soup for the Soul series) outlines the principles that he has lived and taught over the last 3+ decades. Although I may not have achieved every one of Big Goals yet, I am 3 years into my journey of self-development and the ideas outlined in this book have certainly helped me along the way.

The Success Principles gives the reader the tools required to enhance confidence, deal with daily life, overcome difficulties and achieve their ambitions in life. This book is a lot more than a simple collection of positive ideas thrown together, it consists of 64 workable principles that have been used by successful people from all walks of life since the dawn of humanity. The thing that I love is that the basics are the same whether you are at college, an entrepreneur or unemployed at the moment.

Your goal could be to be the top seller in your office, make a million dollars, become a surgeon or get A’s in all of your exams – the strategies that you will follow are the same.

Once you have read about these fundamentals of success, you will progress to transforming the way you think. After that it’s time to build a ‘Success Team’ and get the most out of all of your relationships. Finally, as is the way with achieving what I call ‘Circular Success’ you will learn how to develop a positive psychological blueprint around money and the day-to-day habits that will allow you to create the life that you want for yourself.

As with every self-help book or personal development book that I have ever read, I implemented each and every one of the ideas described in The Success Principles and the changes that they have brought about (in conjunction with other strategies) are fantastic and inspiring.

I am a true believer in taking action on any positive information that you come across and the information in this book is no exception. This is one of those self help books that you will not just read once. Read it again and again so you can put the ideas in to practice and transform your life as fast as possible!

The Book contains fabulous stories of Business Leaders, Elite sports people, celebrities and regular members of society. The Success Principles will allow you to take a ‘leap of faith’ and start transforming yourself immediately.

The Main Things that You will learn from this Book are:

  • How to Change any event, by changing how you respond
  • How to change your perception of the past so you are ready for your positive future
  • How to find amazing Role Models 
  • How to be ready when ‘opportunity knocks’
  • How to realise that some ‘good’ things may not be for you so you can embrace the ‘great’ things
  • How to be courageous enough to ask for what you want
  • Why you should surround yourself with Positive People


I would highly recommend The Success Principles for someone looking for a boost on their personal development journey or even someone just getting started. Don’t just read the book, live the principles and your life will change.

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Operate on Full Power

Full-PowerYou have seen them. The people that are making insanely quick progress in their lives and you have no idea how the hell they’re doing it. I don’t know what the secret is and I don’t think that I ever will. Why? Because there isn’t one. I am always striving to be like these people. These are the people that just GET IT DONE! My passion is turning you into one of those people. I care about you getting even better every single day at a crazy pace. The most powerful way to this is to constantly adopt the mindset of FULL POWER!

Think about the last time that you were running, lifting weights or working on your financial freedom. Next, truly ask yourself if you were giving it everything that you’ve got, leaving nothing on the table. Were you operating on full power or were you just going through the motions?

What I have found and still continue to realise is; if you want to get extraordinary results in your life you need to operate on Full Power every single day. It can be pushing out one more rep at the gym, continuing to work on your business until the early hours or making a conscious decision to step up a gear when things aren’t going your way.

My Full Power Principle is often met with conflict. You may be thinking: “what if I do all that and it doesn’t work?” and you may already be thinking that it just isn’t worth it. After all you could just sit around watch reality TV and do nothing every day, right? This is indeed the easy option, but at what cost? Not operating at full power means that you are missing out on becoming the absolute best version of yourself and achieving phenomenal long-term results in your life. It is vital that you get out of the mentality that revolves around ‘instant gratification’ and get clear on the fact that you could be wasting your life away without realising.

You have to be prepared for that pesky negative little voice in your head to show up when you decide to operate on full power. Let me prepare you for a few of the phrases it will throw at you. My guess is you have heard these phrases in your head before.

I just don’t feel like it.

My negative little voice knows that it is fighting a losing battle when it says this to me because I know that you can change the way you feel instantaneously! YOU control how you feel, not the weather, not the traffic, not everybody else….YOU DO! You can just decide that you want to operate on full power, right now.

I haven’t got time

You do have time. We all do and we all have the exact same amount every day. There are many situations that we are born into that are not equal but we’re all given 24 hours a day. Realise that this is just your negative little voice talking you out of it and make time!

I’m too tired

Really? As we speak there are people all over the planet that are pushing themselves to the absolute limit. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said on the topic of his daily 6 hours of sleep: “I know that some of you are thinking, wait a minute; I sleep 8 or 9 hours” he then said “just sleep faster, I would recommend”. What Arnie is saying is, if you want to get to where you want to get to in life you have to be prepared to shake off the feeling of being tired. This is actually pretty simple to do because tiredness is largely a state of mind which you can change in an instant and then ward off for the rest of your day with proper nutrition.

It’s time  to get in touch with every ounce of your potential, be prepared to go the extra mile and operate on full power. I think that you are ready to do this, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading these words right now. Be prepared for the nonsense you may hear in your head, truly go for it and you will surprise yourself. You are ready for the chapter of your life where you achieve every goal that you set. Crank the dial up to full power and enjoy the ride!

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How to Stay Motivated

ID-100260547You started off as the motivated person in the world but sustaining that level of motivation became impossible. Sound familiar? Maintaining high levels of motivation can be difficult at the best of times but what if your list of things to do grows and grows? What if your’re told to work late? What if you’ve just been rejected…again?

“People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

I wish that I could tell you that was some ‘Magic’ solution but there really isn’t. As Zig Ziglar rightly pointed out, motivation is something that needs to be topped up daily, even several times per day. If you had a lunch that was filled with Garlic and Onions and you were about to go on a date, you would brush your teeth again wouldn’t you? The same is true of motivation; if you started the day motivated and something happened to decrease your levels of motivation, it is now up to you to increase them again.

I have read, watched or participated in, literally hundreds of Motivational programs over the last few years and every person that I have come across has their own theories and strategies. I’ve put together a list of Five things that are integral to staying motivated, whether you a re wondering how to stay motivated to lose weight or about to tidy your garage!

ID-1002599531) Get in Touch with ‘Why’ you want to achieve it.

Whatever you do in this life there are always reasons for it. Even the most simple of tasks. This may not seem true at first but when you take some time to analyse what you are doing you will find good reasons.

If you have run out of motivation to complete a task and staying motivated has become impossible then you need to step back and find some strong ‘reasons’ in relation to why you’re doing it. Only then will your motivation start to return.

There are several categories of reason that can motivate you:

  • Getting Closer to a Big Goal – The most astounding successes in History were all built up over a period of smaller steps and unrewarding tasks that nobody saw. You may not be motivated to eat that Avocado Salad or to make those Cold Calls but recognising (truly recognising) that you are taking another step towards your ultimate body or that promotion you have been waiting for will feel great and the motivation will return.
  • Personal Gain – Focus on how much of a better person you are going to be and the things that you will learn as a result of the process and you will feel motivated to continue.
  • Material Things/ Financial Gain – Often we find ourselves de-motivated when people are actually paying us to be doing it. What things are you going to buy with the money? How much closer will you be to that vacation?
  • Feeling Like You Have Achieved Something – Notice how great you are going to feel when you had the discipline to complete a task that most people find so boring they don’t do it and don’t get ahead. You’re doing it and your getting ahead!
  • Honour the Memory of Loved One – This a massive one for me personally. I was very close to my Grandfather and when times get tough and motivation gets low I find myself saying “Go on, do it for Gramps”.
  • To Inspire Others – If your your family & friends (especially children) see you doing the difficult or boring things in order to get ahead in life they will be inspired and learn to do the same. Focus on this fact and watch how motivated you are to continue.

2) ‘Choose’ to have Fun

How is it that 2 different people can have totally different feelings towards the same task? One person hates it with a passion and the other person loves it with equal passion. The simple answer is some people have an amazing ability to make any activity pleasurable and interesting. We all have this ability within us. The important thing is being able to access it.

“Seek and Ye Shall Find” 

You have to ‘look’ for ways that the task can be fun. As soon as you start looking for them, you will start to find them. The fastest way to change your focus to find the fun is to ask yourself some powerful questions:

  • What is the best way for me to enjoy this task?
  • How can I can make this task fun for me and everyone else involved?
  • What is the best way for me to make this the most enjoyable part of my day?

The brain is like a Supercomputer, keep asking a question and it has to deliver an answer. You will then have ideas as to how you make the activity enjoyable and as a bi-product, enhance your motivation.

Part of you may want to argue with this and say that there are many tasks that you simply ‘hate’! Although that maybe true, let me say this, I genuinely had fun cleaning up after my dog today. It’s all about the attitude.

ID-100986143) Acknowledge How Far You’ve Come

As I mentioned above you can easily break down any massive success into smaller steps. It really is sensible to divide your Big Goals up into smaller manageable chunks so you can track your progress. However, if you don’t acknowledge this progress you will become ‘stale’ and your motivation will fade.

The difference between monitoring your progress and acknowledging your successes is to celebrate each and every little accomplishment along the way. Why is it that the fans of Sports Teams celebrate every goal or point? It’s because they know that their team is getting closer to the ultimate goal of winning the game. You need to apply this in your life to stay motivated. For example, if you want to get to 10% Body Fat and you are currently at 20%, it is absolutely crucial that you give your self a pat on the back and celebrate when you get to 15%. This will condition your mind with positive thoughts and feelings when it comes to making progress.

For whatever reason we all want everything right now and even though we always divide the big task into smaller activities, we don’t allow ourselves to be happy until the BIG goal is achieved. More often than not this is a sure fire way to suck out any motivation you have and you’ll start to hear things in your head like “Is it really worth it?”. Let that voice know that it is worth it by truly recognizing and celebrating even the littlest of ‘wins’.

4) Give Yourself a Reward

All of my clients love this strategy! Rewarding yourself always feels good, doesn’t it? The great thing for us is, this is one of the most powerful ways to stay motivated available!

Before you start on pursuing a goal, decide on the ‘achievement milestones’ that will mean that is time to reward yourself. Whether the reward is having a break for 5 minutes for smaller tasks or buying yourself something nice for bigger task, rewards will have a positive effect on your motivation levels.

It is important that you do not hear other people’s voices in your head at this point. What I mean by this is; you may think that other people will say that what you have achieved isn’t worth a reward…It doesn’t matter what they would think! What matters is if YOU honestly believe that you deserve a reward then you deserve a reward. The more that you reward yourself with honesty and integrity when you reach your milestones the more motivated you will become.

5) Repetition 

The only way to sustain motivation over a given period of time is to repeat the above steps every day, hour or even minute. Whatever works for you. This is not a definitive list but it is a start. You can add things in and take things away but let me tell you one thing, however you approach staying motivated, repetition is a must.

Without repetition your mind will ‘forget’ to be motivated. When I was an infant my parents had to call me ‘Jermaine’ over and over again until it was drilled into my psyche and, of course, I still get called Jermaine 25 years later! Repetition of any motivational strategies will deepen their impression on you as well.

I wish you the very best when it comes to staying motivated, whatever your Goal. You’re going to make it! You can click the picture below to read more about my e-book ‘How to Stay Motivated’ 

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How Role Models can Change your Life

Role-ModelsWe’re all trying to constantly improve our lives, right? The problem is it seems to take so long to achieve our goals doesn’t it? Find any person that is successful in their field or has a memorable achievement to their name and you’ll find that somewhere along the way they were either inspired or helped by a role model.  Finding people that have already achieved the result that you want to achieve can cut the time it takes to achieve your goals or your dream life in half! Why would you want to learn from years and years of mistakes when you can learn from other people’s mistakes?

When I first discovered this idea I really started to love it. There are books written, videos recorded and classes taught that are very affordable and readily available from people that have already done what you are trying to do! Why not just do what they did; it seemed to work didn’t it? How many musical performers have dance moves that look a lot like Michael Jackson’s? The answer is a lot because he revolutionized performing and got such phenomenal feedback for his dancing it was inevitable that other people would adopt some of his style.

Adopt the mindset and take the action of the people you’d love to be like and great things are about to happen in your life. Learn about how they think; if they have book, read it. Find out how they got that body or made that business work or achieved their goals and you can do the same. It would be great to get the same results in life as your heroes, wouldn’t it?
Role models can also help you to realise that it’s possible. If they can do it, you can do it!

You will see the story of Roger Bannister being a metaphor for this idea everywhere but it is such a startling illustration of the phenomenon that it has to be mentioned here as well. Scientists and other experts used to say that running the 4 minute mile was not only “dangerous” but “impossible”. In the 1940’s the record for running the mile stood at 4.01 and people started to believe that the human body had reached its limit. In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier. Within six weeks someone else had done it, now over one thousand people have done it including high school kids! What changed? First and foremost Roger Bannister had to believe it was possible; he was repeating the images in his mind of him actually achieving the feat. Once this vision became a reality for Roger Bannister it was automatically proved to everybody else that it was possible. The belief about running the 4 minute mile had changed and there was a role model that had shown the way.

I’d be honoured if you would let be your mentor when it comes to turning your life around and escaping your rut. I can help you have a great life now and in the future. All I ask is that you continue to believe and keep a laser focus on improving your life and get in contact about my new email coaching programmes.

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3 Lies you Need to STOP Telling Yourself

LiesYou have become an amazing storyteller over the years. You have become so good that all of the stories that you have been telling yourself about why you can’t get in shape, make more money or have your dream relationship have become so believable you should be winning awards. The problem is you keep telling the same stories and making the same excuses they are becoming engrained on to your mind and you are accepting them as reality.

It’s time to write some new stories, don’t you think? Create some new truths that you can live up to. There are 3 common, yet MASSIVE lies that you need to stop telling yourself:

1. “It’s Too Difficult”

Why is it Too Difficult?

It’s too difficult because you are thinking of whatever it is that you are trying to achieve as some Mammoth task as opposed to realising that it can be broken down into much more achievable goals. If I asked you could you run a Marathon tomorrow? The chances are the answer would be a definite ‘no’ (it certainly would be for me!). However, if I said; could you run a Marathon in 2 Years time? The answer is much more likely to be ‘Yes’.

Why the sudden change from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’? What difference would the Two Years make, you’d still be the same person, right?

The answer is simple: Training! You could run to the end of your street tomorrow couldn’t you? Then perhaps next week half a mile, then a mile and so on and so on.

Achieving anything can be broken down like this. It may be extremely difficult and unlikely that you will be a Millionaire by tomorrow but what if you gave yourself 10 years?

Saying that ‘It’s Too Difficult’ is a Lie that you tell yourself so that you don’t even start.

Start small and you’ll get to the Big Stuff.

2. “I’m Too Busy”

I still sometimes find myself saying this in my head and then I think “Jermaine, what makes you so different? Everyone has 24 Hours a Day; It’s up to you to use them wisely”

If you stopped telling this lie to yourself and really woke up to how much time you are letting slip by unnecessarily laying in when you’ve had 7 Hours sleep and you could be up catching up with your dreams. We all (me included) let time idly slip by when we are really doing a whole lot of nothing. Surfing the internet and flicking through the TV channels and the like are all things that get in the way of our progress because time ticks by anyway.

One of My Favourite Motivational Speakers Eric Thomas (aka ET the Hip Hop Preacher) has had a phenomenal journey that has seen him get to a point in his life where he confesses that if he is in bed at 3.45am he is “Running Late”. Are you prepared to adopt that ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to create more time for yourself and create the life that you really want?

I know that it may be a difficult realisation, but the notion of being too busy is a lie. You just aren’t making enough time for yourself yet.

3. No one Will Like the ‘New Me’

Being ‘Normal’ is Highly overrated and the second that you decide to commit to some Major Goal and Take Action you will be on the road to leaving normality. The thing that is holding you back is the lie that no one will Like the ‘New You’.

The Funny thing is that this isn’t a total Lie. There are indeed people in your life who are not going to be happy with the positive changes that you are going to make, they will subconsciously dislike this ‘change’ being thrust upon them. However, you do not necessarily want (or need) these people in your life anyway. The people that support your changes and encourage your development are the people that you should keep close.

The idea that ‘No One’ will like you if make positive changes is a Lie. Some people won’t and Lot’s of people will. I like the way American Comedian Bill Cosby Puts it “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”.

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4 Easy Ways to Gain More Time

ID-1002071901. JUST SAY NO!

I am still in the process of putting this aspect of time mastery in to practice every day.  It is so easy to say “yes” to anything and everything that comes your way because you always want to be friendly and helpful. The unfortunate reality of saying yes to everything is we then have to spend valuable time getting out of things we shouldn’t have got ourselves into from the start.  The best technique I have found is to say “to be totally honest and up front with you, I can’t right now but if anything changes I’ll let you know straight away”. This allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you and stops you from adding to an already carefully balanced list of activities.


There are many situations when you could be successfully doing two things at once. You can get really creative with this and it actually becomes quite fun. I know that exercise will always be on my action plan for the day and I also know that listening to some educational material will be as well.  All I do is listen to the audios whilst I‘m exercising, easy.  You may be committed to playing with your children every day and also want to find time to do some light exercise. Why not go play with a ball game with your children in a nearby park? Have a think about where you can make this technique work in your life and the results can be wonderfully time saving.


How many times have you allotted an hour for an activity and it has taken two? Whenever you are planning your days, weeks or months make sure to realise that things often take longer than you would think.  Adopting this mindset ultimately saves you time and any unnecessary stress. Your productivity will start to plummet as you notice the clock ticking on and on and you realise that you are going to have to be ‘playing catch up’ with your to do list. When you overestimate the time it will take to do every task on your to do list then the worst that can happen is that it will take as long as you have predicted but most likely you will be so relaxed in the knowledge that you have enough time that you will find yourself in the wonderful position of being ‘ahead of schedule’.


I had no idea how to write to book, how to market a book, how to structure a book, how to speak about a book…you get the idea.  I now have a book coming out in less than 2 weeks, that would have probably taken 3 years longer to create if I hadn’t sought out the people at the top of my field, purchased their books and attended their seminars that explained how to execute the whole process. In effect, I would have ‘wasted time’. It is absolutely crucial that you find a role model and find out what they did to create their success. Whatever career or endeavour you are in there is someone who either got to the level that you want to get to or managed to find a way to leave that job and do what you ultimately want to do. Find these people, interview them, buy their books, and attend their courses because this investment of time and money in the short term will pay dividends in the rest of your life. You will save yourself, literally, years.

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3 Key Ideas to Help You Master Motivation

ID-100192663A few weeks after I had made my decision to turn my life around, I had hundreds of sheets of paper with notes about ‘how to improve your life’ on them. I really wanted to get myself going and when I started to analyze the notes that I had on motivation it seemed that setting goals was something that kept coming up. I was constantly reading about how the most motivated people in the world were people who set goals, and impressive goals at that. Think about it, does the British runner, Mo Farah run over one hundred miles per week because he is just going through the motions or does he do it because he has the goal of winning Olympic medals?Setting goals is the one thing that got me going and setting and pursuing goals still gets me motivated to such extreme levels that people think that there’s ‘something wrong with me’. Everything about me as a person – my health, my income, my contribution to society, my personality, my happiness have drastically improved because I have mastered the art of motivation through goal setting.

As you read on, it is important that you follow the 4Wheel Drive Goal Setting Method for each area of your life.  When you have a goal for each area of your life and you take action on them all every single day, you’ll notice everything in your life start to improve. I want to share with you 3 Key Ideas to Mastering Motivation.


Think of goals in 3 categories: 1-Goals you know you can achieve, 2-Goals you think you can achieve and 3-goals you actually want to achieve. Type 1 Goals and Type 2 goals create no leverage or inspiration for you. They are exactly the type of goals that mean you have to read this blog post on motivation.  Type 3 Goals, however, inspire you to take action; they are so compelling that motivation is no longer an issue. I’ll give you an example; I used to have the goal of “being a life coach with 10 clients” (Type 1 Goal, I knew I could do this). I then had the goal of, “50 people have been through my life coaching program” (Type 2 Goal, I thought I could this). At the time of writing my goal is now; “to impact the lives of over 1,000,000 people globally through my books, products, seminars and speeches. (Type 3 Goal – This is what I really want!). I don’t need any outside inspiration anymore. I know what I want, I truly believe that I can achieve it and I have no idea how to do it right now but that doesn’t matter.


You have already mastered motivation you just don’t realise it. A true mastery of motivation comes from being 100% committed to something. Do you need to watch a motivational video or listen to motivational music to wash yourself every day? Of course not; you are just 100% committed to being clean and hygienic. You just do it! What if you had this same approach to doing whatever it is you currently ‘wish’ you were motivated to do? It is absolutely crucial that you get in touch with what you are motivated to create in your life every day! This reprogramming process is amazing because I have realised over time that if you don’t program yourself, you will be programmed by the environment and the people closest to you.


If you were in bed and you realised that your house was on fire would you roll over and have ‘5 more minutes sleep’ or would you be MOTIVATED to jump out of bed and get yourself and your family to safety as quickly as possible? You would take immediate action, the REASON being that if you didn’t, you and your family would probably get trapped and die.

The most important factor in being motivated to achieve anything is WHY? Different things act as motivators for different people but we all have certain things that can get us to take action. With a bit of deep thought we can all come up with a compelling list of things to motivate ourselves. There are things like ‘making a positive difference to the world’, ‘becoming financially free’, and ‘doing it for my family’. When these are all aligned you’ll quickly realise that you won’t ever have to worry about being motivated ever again because it is happening whether you feel motivated or not.

I’d Love it if you’d share some of your motivators in the comments box below 🙂

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