Success Principles

Announcing the 9 Things you need to know if you are Going to Succeed…

Success PrinciplesSuccess Principles

Whether it is your health, your relationships, your career or your finances; you’d like to be able to guarantee success, wouldn’t you. Unfortunately
for us all, this is not possible. However, you can substantially increase your chances of being a ‘success’ by doing what other successful people do. We’ll call these things ‘Success Principles’. There are many success principles, in fact I believe that Jack Canfield outlined over 100 in his Book ‘The Success Principles’. However, I am going to outline the 9 that I have found to be amazing in my personal life and that are easy to implement.

Success Principles1. Take Action

You have to start doing something if you want good things to happen for you. Start moving in the direction that you want to be travelling in. If you don’t do anything you have failed. However, keep taking action and you are succeeding every day.

2. Keep Going

You certainly will make ‘quantum leaps’ on your journey but sometimes it may be a little slow. This really doesn’t matter as long as you are CONSISTENTLY moving in the direction that you want to be moving in.

3. Use Your Imagination

As soon as you can hold an image of yourself succeeding on the screen of your mind every single day, you have taken a huge leap towards being successful. See yourself in the circumstances that you want to be in before you are even there. You can then proceed to work in a hard and smart way to make these visions a reality.

4. Persistence has Power

Being persistent means that you will maintain your determination no matter what and you will make progress towards success UNTIL it is a reality.

5. Clear Thinking Will Get you There

Clarity really is powerful. Keep a keen eye on where you want to go and then you can adjust your daily habits and behaviours to make sure that you are on the right path to reach that clearly definable destination.

Keep Setting Goals

6. Keep Setting Goals

Start with small goals, then intermediate goals that lead you up to your BIG Goals. When you are about to achieve a goal, be ready to set the next one. Otherwise you are at risk of going backwards. You can read about my ‘4 Wheel Drive Method’ of setting Goals here.

7. Use ‘Future Truths’

Future Truths are short direct, positive sentences stated in the present tense. They are said with passionate vigour, using your whole body to ‘move’ with the emotion that you would if it was a reality. Your mind will begin to think and operate as if this were true, thus, conspiring to make it true. Saying future truths like: “Money comes to me in many unforeseen ways, every day in every way. I make money whilst I am awake or asleep”: will open your mind to the possibilities of achieving this reality and keep you aware of any opportunity to do so.Clean out the Trash

8. Clean out the Trash

Anything or anyone that is around you that is harmful to your success, should be removed. Surround yourself with people and things that support your belief in yourself and your growth.

9. Say “Thank You”

Appreciate all of the things and people that you already have. Everything from your health to your loved ones to the fact you have enough socks! This allows your mind to get used to focusing on what you already have and you will begin to attract more.

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