Stop Worrying in 4 Easy Steps

stop-worryingWe have all been there. That pest of a little voice starts to ‘nag’ in the back your mind. You then start to listen to the voice in your head and it creates a negative thought. Then another negative thought. Then another negative thought after that. Eventually there’s chaos in your mind and you are in a position where you are not thinking straight and you can’t concentrate on anything productive. For me, the dramatic nature of ‘worrying’ had to stop and over the years I have developed a few ways of thinking that will allow you to worry less and manage those troublesome thoughts when they arrive.

1. It Probably Won’t Happen

I can remember reading that 97% of the things that we worry about never actually happen. This information changed my life; it was like a light-bulb was switched on for me. Think about this concept long enough and you’ll notice that it’s true. Ask yourself “How many things that I have sat and worried about, have actually happened?”. If you are like me and most other people you’ll find that the answer is in fact, not that many. These ‘worries’ that you have are more often than not just chaotic negative thought impulses that you have built in your own mind.

Constantly reminding yourself of how rare it is for worries to actually see the light of day will help you to move on and think about something more positive before you allow it get out of hand.


2. You’re Not a Mind Reader, So Why Try?

How often have you found yourself worrying about what someone else is thinking and you actually start to think for them? This process leads to an exaggeration of the situation in your mind and you end up making it worse that it really is. The solution is to be open and just ask them. Your relationships with your friends, family and peers will benefit because of the constant clarity.


3. You Become What You Think About Most of the Time

Our thoughts have a creative quality and it is important to remember that when you are worrying you will be attracting more things to worry about in your life. When I find myself going down the road of thinking negatively and I feel myself about to go into a state of ‘worry’, I ask myself: “Am I really going to dedicate precious thinking time to this?”. Then I refocus my thinking towards something that makes me feel good or a goal that I am working on. You may need to practice this for a few weeks and eventually you will realise how great you are at stopping yourself and quickly moving on to thinking about something positive.

4. Exercise

As am I am writing this I am right in the middle of a time in my life where my daily worries are very low. I put this down to the fact that, recently I have been exercising every day, without fail,. I am not qualified to talk about the many, in depth scientific reasons as to why exercising regularly will release tension, keep you motivated and improve your focus. However, I am certain of the fact that it does!

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