7 Things You Need to Stop Doing

7-Things-You-Need-to-Stop-DoingThere are behaviours, attitudes and lifestyle choices that are ruining your chances of being happy and successful. There are things that if you simply stopped doing them  the quality of your life would go through the roof. I spend most of my time writing and speaking about things that you should do but like an overrun garden it is also important to ‘rip out the weeds’ so that all of your new positive habits, beliefs and lifestyle choices have space to grow. Here are 7 Things that you should stop right now:

1. Stop Being Scared of Making Mistakes

To make progress in this life you are going to have to become comfortable with a certain amount and a certain level of risk. You cannot move forward without taking a step. Those ‘once in a lifetime opportunities’ will force you to stretch yourself if you are going to take them. Embrace failure as ‘temporary defeat’ and it will be one hundred times more productive for you in the long run.

2. Stop Worrying About Things That You Can’t Control

Be organized and make solid, workable plans in relation to the things that you can control. Your business, your life, your body; whatever goals you have can only grow based on the amount of time that you work productively on the things that you can control. Worrying about the things that you can’t control robs you of any strength that you should be using to improve your situation. This idea extends to your day-to-day happiness. I know it may be difficult at first but let’s say you are stuck in traffic, rather than worrying and stressing about the situation (which you can’t control). Why not turn the radio up and enjoy the music because that is something that you can control.

3. Stop Taking Things For Granted

Appreciate all of the things that surround you. Pause for a moment and realise that having running water or electricity is not a privilege that is afforded to everyone in this world. In fact there are probably Billions of people who would love to experience the things that you experience on a daily basis, and you don’t even pay attention to them. Change that today. If your parent, child, brother sister or friend gives you a hug. Embrace it, feel it and be grateful for it. That may sound cheesy right now but it is these moments that you are going to be thankful for at the end of your life.

4. Stop Holding on To Emotion

We are all going to have our bad moments and sometimes we have the tendency to ‘bottle up’ all of the emotion that is involved and end up making ourselves feel worse and even make ourselves ill. ‘E’-Motion is ‘Energy in Motion’; let the emotions move through you and let them run their course. Release the emotion, shed the tears; whatever you need to do and then you can get a smile back on your face much quicker after the emotion has been dealt with.

5. Stop Thinking Money Will Make You Happy

Money will only make you more of what you already are. When I hear people say that money will make them happy I respond by asking “do you think that all millionaires are happy?”. Of course they are not. Happiness is moment to moment neuro-chemical event that is most often brought on by magic moments with family and friends like laughter, holding your baby, a passionate kiss and moments of companionship. Allow yourself to be happy whilst you pursue greater wealth if that’s what you desire.

6. Stop Thinking Money Isn’t Important

This may seem like a quick contradiction of number 5 but hear me out. The fact of the of the matter is we all want that moment to moment happiness described above and there are lots of ways to achieve high levels of happiness. However, it is important to realise that you can’t pay the bills with love. Money isn’t more important than anything else but it is just as important. Remember to be financially organised and grow your wealth so you have the security to spend more time creating magic moments with ones that you love.

7. Stop Spending Time With The Wrong People

There are people in your life who are subconsciously (sometimes consciously) bringing you down. Often this is through no fault of their own and if you hooked them up to a lie detector and asked them if they wanted you to succeed they would say “yes” and they would pass the test 100% of the time. It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed, it’s the fact that people don’t like it when change is thrust upon them and you improving yourself qualifies as doing that.

It is also important to avoid people who are negative, pessimistic, don’t make time for you and don’t realize your worth. Never lower your standards to make room for people who refuse to raise theirs.

Get into the habit of being around people that are brighten your day, make you stretch and support you in your quest to succeed.

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