3 Simple Ways to Pulverize Procrastination

Pulverize ProcrastinationHow often do you find yourself doing lots of different things apart from the thing that you should actually be doing? You spend hours on social media, your smartphone, even watching TV. In the modern, fast paced world, we are always looking for some type of escape. This ‘escape’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing negative things, either. Early on in my career I found myself addicted to Tony Robbins videos. All of these videos have an amazing message and Tony is my idol but through some deep reflection I realised that I was still ‘escaping’ from the high paced more difficult tasks that I should be doing. A ‘little escape’ now and again can be a healthy thing. However, persistent procrastination will stop you from doing all of the things that matter the most. One imminent danger, is that you’ll start to think very negatively because you’ll start to feel that ‘you never get anything done’.

I am all about action so I’d like to share with you the 3 Simple Strategies that I use to ‘Pulverize Procrastination’.

Get the Most Difficult Task1. Get the Most Difficult Task Out of the Way

Business man and speaker Brian Tracy is a big fan of the phrase (in fact he wrote a book called), ‘Eat that Frog!’. What he means by this is; getting the thing that is perhaps the most difficult, time consuming or least enjoyable done first. It could be an uncomfortable phone call, an email clear out or a report that you have been putting off. Doing it first will allow the rest of the day to feel like a breeze and you’ll enjoy moving through the rest of the items on your To-Do-List and it will be much easier. This one little change to how you approach your day can make a big difference.

2. Don’t See a Task as Bigger Than it Actually is

Sitting there and ‘thinking it to death’ only makes the task seem bigger. You allow yourself to over-think it, which results in you constantly putting it off. The fact that this is happening means you are thinking about what you have to do in a negative way and by not doing it, you are just protecting yourself from you perceive to be a painful experience. My philosophy is, “Jermaine this is the task you have to do, take action on it straight away and it will become smaller and easier by the second”.

Do it3. If You ‘Should’ do it……’Do it’

It is so common for us to hear ourselves say ‘hmm, I probably should do this or I should do that. When you hear yourself saying this, it is usually a pretty good indicator that it definitely has to be done, so just do it now! This was a massive change for me because I used to be terrible for saying that I ‘should’ do things. You can do what I did and start playing a little game with yourself. Start with small things; if you think ‘I should wash the dishes now’. Wash them straight away! Soon you will take this skill into every aspect of your life and you’ll become the type of person who just ‘get’s things done’.

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