How Role Models can Change your Life

Role-ModelsWe’re all trying to constantly improve our lives, right? The problem is it seems to take so long to achieve our goals doesn’t it? Find any person that is successful in their field or has a memorable achievement to their name and you’ll find that somewhere along the way they were either inspired or helped by a role model.  Finding people that have already achieved the result that you want to achieve can cut the time it takes to achieve your goals or your dream life in half! Why would you want to learn from years and years of mistakes when you can learn from other people’s mistakes?

When I first discovered this idea I really started to love it. There are books written, videos recorded and classes taught that are very affordable and readily available from people that have already done what you are trying to do! Why not just do what they did; it seemed to work didn’t it? How many musical performers have dance moves that look a lot like Michael Jackson’s? The answer is a lot because he revolutionized performing and got such phenomenal feedback for his dancing it was inevitable that other people would adopt some of his style.

Adopt the mindset and take the action of the people you’d love to be like and great things are about to happen in your life. Learn about how they think; if they have book, read it. Find out how they got that body or made that business work or achieved their goals and you can do the same. It would be great to get the same results in life as your heroes, wouldn’t it?
Role models can also help you to realise that it’s possible. If they can do it, you can do it!

You will see the story of Roger Bannister being a metaphor for this idea everywhere but it is such a startling illustration of the phenomenon that it has to be mentioned here as well. Scientists and other experts used to say that running the 4 minute mile was not only “dangerous” but “impossible”. In the 1940’s the record for running the mile stood at 4.01 and people started to believe that the human body had reached its limit. In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier. Within six weeks someone else had done it, now over one thousand people have done it including high school kids! What changed? First and foremost Roger Bannister had to believe it was possible; he was repeating the images in his mind of him actually achieving the feat. Once this vision became a reality for Roger Bannister it was automatically proved to everybody else that it was possible. The belief about running the 4 minute mile had changed and there was a role model that had shown the way.

I’d be honoured if you would let be your mentor when it comes to turning your life around and escaping your rut. I can help you have a great life now and in the future. All I ask is that you continue to believe and keep a laser focus on improving your life and get in contact about my new email coaching programmes.

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