Reading Over 300 Self-Help and Personal Development Books in 2 years really did change my life. The amount of high quality information available still amazes me and I still read one book per week to this day. It was this incredible journey that allowed me to create The Rut Buster. I wanted to create a book that had all of the best tools that had worked for me, the people closest to me and my clients in one place. I feel like I have done that and I am extremely proud.

I wanted to help you by creating a place where you could find the Rut Buster, side by side with my short, ‘How-To’ Kindle Books and my top rated self-help books that will change your life.

My authentic advice would be to buy them all and read them all but just get started with one or two, take action on them and when you start seeing results you will want them all anyway.

You have probably heard the expression that “Leaders are Readers”. Join that group of people today!

Keep Going and Keep Growing.

Jermaine Harris