Make a PMA Start to the Day! How to use a Morning Ritual to be Healthy, Happy and Proactive ALL DAY!
I am happy and proud to say that I am that guy: that guy who seems to wake up happy, full of life and ready to take on the day, every day. You probably see people like this in you’re everyday lives They’re the people who you work with, who teach you or who you socialise with that have high energy levels any time of the day, they are ‘unflappable’ they take mistakes and disappointments in their stride, readjust and keep going. They get people asking them “how are you so happy at this time on a Monday?”

Weird or Genius?

I used to think that these people were just ‘weird’ and they were born with some crazy gene. However, since I have been a student of human potential I have come to realise that they are making a DECISION to be this type of person. Since I decided to be this type of person, I haven’t looked back and the quality of my life is incredible.
I have a quote that is hung above my wardrobe so I see it every morning and it says this:
“You are what you repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle
If you are not feeling bright, energised, happy or fulfilled on a daily basis and you are suffering from stress, anxiety, worry and sadness; the chances are you are habitually making yourself feel this way. You are running your own negative life cycle and you’ve ‘practiced’ it for so long you are getting pretty good at it!

Start Right to End Right

You may have heard of a ‘Power Hour’ or ‘Morning Routine’ and what I do to create these positive patterns is very similar. I use the PMA SystemTM that I developed to frame my Morning Ritual and make a ‘PMA start to the day’. If you don’t already know PMA stands for: Phenomenal Physiology, Miracle Mindset and Abundant Action. Using a combination of techniques that contribute to these factors leave me feeling INVINCIBLE all day every day.

A PMA Start to the Day!

I wanted to share this because I truly believe that this process that I go through every morning is the key to daily happiness and productivity. I am not reinventing the wheel in any way; Masters of personal development have been championing positive starts to the day like this for a long time.

That’s a Lot of Work Jermaine

Some of you may be thinking, this sounds like a lot of work or I can’t afford to spend my time in the mornings doing stuff like this. Take it from me, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO. Being unhappy, miserable and being unproductive is just as much work as its more exciting, positive opposite. If taking your life to a whole new level of excitement, fun, happiness and productivity is something that appeals to you then you should create a plan to make a PMA Start to the day, EVERY DAY. If you are willing to give yourself what you deserve then you will make it non-negotiable, no excuses. If you actually do this you will transform your life; that is a promise.
I hope that you have watched the video above where I explain my morning ritual…
Here is a more detailed version of how and why I go through this process every day.
P -Phenomenal PhysiologyThe first thing you need to do when you wake up is give your body what it needs and treat it in such a way that creates a powerful start to the day for the only body you’ll ever have; as well as getting it moving in such a way that makes you ‘feel’ good.
1.       Smile and Stretch with Inspiration Photo
The first thing I do as soon as I get up is Smile and look at the photograph of my late grandfather. The small act of smiling as soon as you awake will firstly scramble that old pattern of reacting like it’s the worst thing in the world when the alarm goes off. The smile allows you to be immediately grateful to still be here and changes your physical state immediately. The stretch lets your muscles know that it is up and at ‘em time and the blood needs to start moving so you can build some early momentum in your body. Looking at the photo whilst I stretch immediately makes me smile even more because I know that a lot of what I do is in my Grandfather’s honour. (If you want to add a photo into your morning ritual, you could use any image that produces a smile for you).
2.       Deep Breathe
The most precious thing to your whole body is Oxygen. The majority of people during sleep breathe very shallow and wake up deprived of vital oxygen (hence the groggy feeling).  Deep breathing allows your body to Oxygenate and remove any waste that has built up whilst you have been asleep.  You will feel instantly more awake and ready to take on the day. I use a breathing pattern that focuses on inhaling deeply from the diaphragm (whilst counting) then holding the breath for 4 times as long then breathing out for twice as long as I inhaled for. For example, Inhale 4 Seconds, Hold for 16 Seconds and Exhale for 8 Seconds.

3.       Large Drink of Water
In a similar way to how we are suffering from a lack of Oxygen when we wake up we are also severely dehydrated. After you have Oxygenated, take a huge drink of water (I personally drink 700 ml). For an added energy kick I add ‘Greens Powder’ that gives your body an incredible HIT of nutrients that your body will literally just absorb and use straight away.

4.       Get Moving
Moving will change your state, moving will send a biochemical message that it’s time to have a great day and feel good right now!
I either use a rebounder (mini trampoline),or if my girlfriend is asleep, I’ll bob up and down on my toes as this movement is one of the few things that you can do to cleanse the lymphatic system. However, any movement will do, a few jumps, some situps, jog on the spot……….
Miracle MindsetNow it’s time to get your mind into a place where you are focusing on all of the great things in your life, where you are in touch with your Mission and Purpose and where you are magnetized to the things that you need to achieve your goals.
5.       Focus on the Great
You can create a positive outlook for yourself and condition your brain to focus on the positives everyday by asking yourself a series of ‘Power Questions’ every morning. Here are mine:
What am I:
Happiest about? How do I know I’m Happy?
Excited about? How do I know I’m Excited?
Proud of? How do I know I’m Proud?
Passionate about? How do I know I’m Passionate about it?
Enjoying Most? How do I know I’m enjoying it?
Committed to? How do I know I’m Committed to it?
Grateful for? How do I know I’m Grateful?
Confident about? How do I know I’m Confident?
Who do I love and who loves me?
It is important that you FEEL all the feelings associated with the answers to these questions.
I also do them out loud to really engage my body and mind.
These Power Questions are an adaptation of the Empowering Questions found in Tony Robbins’ book Awaken the Giant Within; a book that contributed to my own personal transformation.
6.       Dream/Vision/ Mission
One of the absolutely  indisputable ways that I motivate and energise myself every single day is the fact that I remind myself of and visualise my Life’s Vision, my Life’s Purpose,  and my Goals. You will be focusing your energy on this everyday and you will literally begin to move towards all that which your heart desires.
For more information on how to set goals get your Free Goal Setting Pack here
A – Action By the time you get to this stage of your PMA start to the Day you will be SO Excited to get moving towards your goals and you will feel READY FOR ANYTHING. The next step is ACTION!!!!!
7.       Start Strong
Immediately start doing things that contribute directly to one of your goals. I have a healthy breakfast and then have an aerobic weights session to align myself with my health and fitness goals or  I sit down and have a talk with my girlfriend about her day and see if there is anything  I can to do to help her to align myself with my relationship goals etc
Do It Now!
You can go through the same processes as I do or you can create your own routine. The important thing is that you GET STARTED. It should never feel like a chore and it should be something that you enjoy! However, please be aware of ‘that little voice’ that is going to say all of the predictably negative things like, “It won’t work for me”, “I haven’t got the time” etc. etc. Be resilient and I would suggest committing to your new PMA Start to the Day for at least 30 days straight; it will then be a habit and you will NEVER LOOK BACK! It is one of the first things that I did to help me realise the human potential for daily happiness and fulfilment and I know IT WILL HELP YOU TOO!