3 Key Ideas to Help You Master Motivation

ID-100192663A few weeks after I had made my decision to turn my life around, I had hundreds of sheets of paper with notes about ‘how to improve your life’ on them. I really wanted to get myself going and when I started to analyze the notes that I had on motivation it seemed that setting goals was something that kept coming up. I was constantly reading about how the most motivated people in the world were people who set goals, and impressive goals at that. Think about it, does the British runner, Mo Farah run over one hundred miles per week because he is just going through the motions or does he do it because he has the goal of winning Olympic medals?Setting goals is the one thing that got me going and setting and pursuing goals still gets me motivated to such extreme levels that people think that there’s ‘something wrong with me’. Everything about me as a person – my health, my income, my contribution to society, my personality, my happiness have drastically improved because I have mastered the art of motivation through goal setting.

As you read on, it is important that you follow the 4Wheel Drive Goal Setting Method for each area of your life.  When you have a goal for each area of your life and you take action on them all every single day, you’ll notice everything in your life start to improve. I want to share with you 3 Key Ideas to Mastering Motivation.


Think of goals in 3 categories: 1-Goals you know you can achieve, 2-Goals you think you can achieve and 3-goals you actually want to achieve. Type 1 Goals and Type 2 goals create no leverage or inspiration for you. They are exactly the type of goals that mean you have to read this blog post on motivation.  Type 3 Goals, however, inspire you to take action; they are so compelling that motivation is no longer an issue. I’ll give you an example; I used to have the goal of “being a life coach with 10 clients” (Type 1 Goal, I knew I could do this). I then had the goal of, “50 people have been through my life coaching program” (Type 2 Goal, I thought I could this). At the time of writing my goal is now; “to impact the lives of over 1,000,000 people globally through my books, products, seminars and speeches. (Type 3 Goal – This is what I really want!). I don’t need any outside inspiration anymore. I know what I want, I truly believe that I can achieve it and I have no idea how to do it right now but that doesn’t matter.


You have already mastered motivation you just don’t realise it. A true mastery of motivation comes from being 100% committed to something. Do you need to watch a motivational video or listen to motivational music to wash yourself every day? Of course not; you are just 100% committed to being clean and hygienic. You just do it! What if you had this same approach to doing whatever it is you currently ‘wish’ you were motivated to do? It is absolutely crucial that you get in touch with what you are motivated to create in your life every day! This reprogramming process is amazing because I have realised over time that if you don’t program yourself, you will be programmed by the environment and the people closest to you.


If you were in bed and you realised that your house was on fire would you roll over and have ‘5 more minutes sleep’ or would you be MOTIVATED to jump out of bed and get yourself and your family to safety as quickly as possible? You would take immediate action, the REASON being that if you didn’t, you and your family would probably get trapped and die.

The most important factor in being motivated to achieve anything is WHY? Different things act as motivators for different people but we all have certain things that can get us to take action. With a bit of deep thought we can all come up with a compelling list of things to motivate ourselves. There are things like ‘making a positive difference to the world’, ‘becoming financially free’, and ‘doing it for my family’. When these are all aligned you’ll quickly realise that you won’t ever have to worry about being motivated ever again because it is happening whether you feel motivated or not.

I’d Love it if you’d share some of your motivators in the comments box below 🙂

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