How to Set Goals using the 4Wheel Drive MethodTM

What keeps me going is goals.” – Muhammad Ali 

Why Set Goals?

Goal setting can get you what you want! Simple as that, and if goals don’t get you what you what you from life, the pursuit of worthy goals will transform you into a person that you had no idea you were capable of becoming anyway! Goals really have changed my life and I have achieved things I had no idea I was capable of and I have certainly become a person that I had no idea that I could be. I was shocked to learn that only 20% of people actually set goals and only 6% of people ever achieve their goals, or make progress as a person.

I have personally used an almost ‘obsessive’ study of human potential, success and personal development literature to devise what I believe to be the most effective way to set goals. I call it ‘The 4Wheel Drive MethodTM’. There are 4 ‘W’s’ in the 4 wheel drive method that represent the wheels on a 4×4 vehicle and just like a 4×4 vehicle when you have all of these wheels working together to help you set and achieve goals, no terrain is too difficult. At the moment you may have goals that are okay if all is going well, but what if you have to ‘go off road’ and tackle some tough situations? The 4Wheel Drive MethodTM’ will take care of that for you.

The 4 W’s

The 4 “W’s”: ‘What do I want, EXACTLY?’

Why EXACTLY do I want it?’

When EXACTLY do I want it by?’

What MUST I do to get it?’

Let’s start with ‘What do I want, EXACTLY?’ – If you don’t define what it is that you want, exactly then your brain has no idea how to get there. If you wanted to drive to your hotel in Paris would you find the exact address of the hotel or would you just type ‘FRANCE’ into the satellite navigation system? Your brain works the same way; it needs to know EXACTLY where you want to go. A lot of the time people are setting loose goals and achieving them. How often have you heard someone say “I want to lose some weight” and when they only lose a pound they are disappointed. How can they be disappointed when they have achieved their goal!?

Moving on to the MOST IMPORTANT wheel: Why EXACTLY do I want it?’ You need to know WHY you want to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve and it has to be powerful enough to get you to do things that you want to do EVEN when you don’t feel like doing them. For example, let’s say that you wanted to lose 5lbs of body fat: if the ‘Why’ was “So I can fit into my birthday dress” this may create some leverage but it is only likely to be short term and you will probably put the 5lbs back on after your birthday. What if the ‘Why’ was: “So I can be the best version of myself humanly possible, remaining healthy vibrant and energetic every single day, enabling me to do more, be more and have more. Giving me more years with my children, grand-children and great grand children and inspiring them along the way” – Do you see how this ‘Why’ is far more likely to create leverage and create lasting change?

Next is ‘When EXACTLY do I want it by?’ You’re brain needs an exact date to get you to take enough action at the right times. To use the holiday analogy again, imagine you said: “we’re going on holiday next summer” and left it at that. How would you know when to go shopping for the items you needed? How would you know when to pack? The answer is; you wouldn’t! That is why the reality is you’d be saying something like: “we’re going to Madrid on the 17th July 2014”. You’re brain would know that it has to do everything that it needs to do in preparation for the trip. Goals are the same.

The final element is: ‘What MUST I do to get it?’ This is wheel has the most freedom out of the wheels because you may not know everything that you have to do to achieve the goals but it will be vital for you to take an abundance of action as I highlight in my PMA SystemTM. It is important that you work out what you are going to do first and find a plan, a mentor or a strategy, the most important thing is to GET MOVING!

Putting it all together

Once you have gone through the above process of creating a goal you are left with something that should be phrased like the example below. Note, that the goal is stated in the PRESENT TENSE and in such a way that provokes positive feelings of it already being achieved; this magnetizes the subconscious mind to everything you’ll need to achieve the goal.  Once you have all of your goals written out this way it is important to review them at least once a day and I will go into detail on how to do this at a later date.

Here is a goal that I recently achieved that should show you how it should be phrased:

It is October 6th 2013 and I am so happy grateful that I easily completed the Cardiff half marathon in less than 2 and half hours in honour of my dear Grandfather and in support of Cancer Research UK. This is an amazing achievement for me and it serves as a signpost in my life that I am over the leg break that I suffered and I no longer suffer from asthma. I feel healthy, vibrant and energized by the achievement and it has given me an insight into how I can achieve whatever I put my mind to.

Action Point – As I mention in my PMA SystemTM it is vitally important to take an abundance of action to ensure a proactive approach to happiness, success and fulfilment. Use this process right now, yes right now, to set some goals and take action on them immediately! Add some accountability by commenting below stating exactly what you are going to do and by when!