3 Ways to Crush Unwanted Fear…

Unwanted FearThere has been at least one time, or even several times in your life where you really wanted to do something and you didn’t go through with it. Why the sudden turnaround? Why didn’t you follow through? In my experience it is often ‘that little voice your head’. Firstly, cut that little voice a little bit of slack because it is trying its best to protect you. That voice in your head knows that if it creates a fear of failure you won’t take action. You can stay right where you are as far it’s concerned, that way you will be avoiding rejection and/or disappointment.

Unwanted FearI’m sure if you were to pick one of your favourite successful people; anyone from Bill Gates to Ghandi to Donald Trump, you would discover that they all had the ability to keep going despite the presence of fear  along the way. Any issues that they encountered along their journey that created a fearful response only inspired them to keep the faith and enhanced their motivation. The fact of the matter is, if you want to create some success in your life, fear is probably going to show up. You’re then going to have a choice: retreat or face up to it, crush it and keep moving. Here are 3 ways you can beat this type of fear.

1. Find Reasons not Obstacles

All of us, me included, have made excuses at some point in our lives: “It’s too difficult”, “I’m too tired”, “I haven’t got time today”. The first thing that you have to do is COMMIT to achieving the outcome that you want no matter how you feel! Come up with a list of reasons that outweigh the obstacles, really get in touch with WHY you wanted to do it in the first place. This will protect you from yourself. When you have the attitude of “It’s happening no matter what” that little voice in your head can show up and try to tell you that your ‘too tired’ or you ‘don’t have time’ and it won’t make a difference because you’re doing it anyway. Successful people operate in this way every day, so can I and so can you.

Feel the Fear2. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Dr. Susan Jeffers wrote an amazing book with this very title. Dr. Jeffers instructs us to challenge ourselves and our negative thought patterns. She also describes how our comfort zone grows when we take calculated risks. Some of the greatest motivational speakers have been known to say “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”. Dr. Jeffers message is a simple but powerful one. Face up to your fear, push it to the side and just do it!

3. Borrowed Time…

Make sure that you aren’t at the end of your life with a list of things that you ‘should have done’. Instead create a list RIGHT NOW of the things that you are ‘going to do’! Then you can plan what you are going to do in  order to make them a reality. We are all going to leave this earth one day, make sure you are not leaving it with a list of things that fear stopped you from doing.

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