How to Cope with ‘Failure’ in 3 Easy Steps

Failure copeFailure is an inevitable part of succeeding. We all fail and how do you cope with the failure that comes your way as you are trying to achieve a goal. Over the last few years me, my clients and some of the people closest to me have ‘failed’ over and over again. This is not because we are doing badly, it is because we are taking every area of lives to the next level. Think about this for a moment; there’s probably no golfer in the world that has hit more bad golf shots than Tiger Woods or no Performer on the Planet that has ‘messed up’ more routines than Beyonce. The interesting thing is that the people that I have just mentioned are at the top of their chosen fields. One of the key reasons for this, I believe, is that they are prepared to fail as many times as it takes until they get it right. Getting knocked down permanently by failure is the only thing that can stop you. After realising this I came up with 3 ways to refocus, recommit and make sure you get to the ultimate goal.

1. Failure Doesn’t Exist

Your first thought maybe “of course it does” but it really doesn’t. It only exists if you allow to and you give any experiences that you give a negative meaning in your head. If you learn from ANY experience it has been a success. Napoleon Hill, the author of one of the most successful Self-Help Books of all time, Think and Grow Rich stated that failure is a lie if you keep going and you have only experienced ‘temporary defeat’. Ultimately every ‘failure’ that you have will contribute directly to your success. I feel so blessed to have experienced some of the failures that I have had so far because they have helped me learn what I have needed to learn to get to where I am today.

It could even be said that one of the ‘Keys to Success’ is Constant Failure (as long as you learn from the experience).

Learn from the temporary defeat and you have actually succeeded.


2. You Know Failure is Coming so Be Ready

We have already established that failure is inevitable and that EVERYONE fails so it would make sense to be prepared for it, wouldn’t it? To do this you can develop a mindset of persistence. Get yourself to a place where you have an abundance of physical, mental and emotional strength and failure will be taken in your stride and learned from every time.

To cultivate this feeling of strength, visualize yourself at the end goal every single day. Make this picture big, bight and clear in your mind. Notice everything around you and feel how amazing it feels to have achieved it. Practice this until you can access these pictures and feelings at will and every time that you are met with temporary defeat; realise that it is another learning experience that has taken you closer to that image in your mind.


3. Be Grateful of Your Progress not  Disheartened by Imperfection

Treat yourself nicely and truly appreciate how well you have done today, this week or this month. Let’s say you wanted to complete 20 Gym Sessions this month and you managed 16. You could of course see yourself as a ‘failure’ and lose heart and motivation because you didn’t get the perfect score of 20. However, what if 16 is in fact 2 more sessions than last month’s 14? You have made progress so you are succeeding! You can really compound this success by learning what you are going to differently to make sure you get to 20 next time. What a way to view the situation! You are going to value and appreciate yourself more and you are going to keep moving in the right direction.

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