Introducing the Superfood that can make you lose unwanted fat, increase your energy and more…

Top 5 Researched Benefits of Coconut Oil

I am on a constant quest to improve my health, vitality and energy and the discovery of coconut oil has been a magical one. It’s Benefits of Coconut Oilunique make up of fatty acids can have amazingly positive effects on our health.

There are various benefits, from fat loss and increased energy to improved brain functioning. I could list every benefit here but I would rather talk a little about the benefits that I have encountered, researched or personally experienced. When I broke all of these benefits down, I came up with 5 that fit into each of those categories.

1. Coconut Oil Can Help Reduce Body Fat – Particularly around the Abdomen

The research (that I have read, not conducted) suggests that coconut oil reduces the dangerous body fat that is stored in the abdominal cavity and around the organs. Studies conducted have found that adding 30ml of Coconut Oil per day to your diet can reduce waist circumference in as little as 4 weeks. From a personal perspective I have a relatively small waist circumference naturally. However, like a lot of people I have often found it difficult to shed that last little bit of ‘stubborn belly fat’. Coconut Oil has definitely helped me to achieve this. Since adding 3 teaspoons of Coconut Oil per day to my eating plan I have noticed that the skin is a lot tighter around my abdomen and I no longer have any stubborn belly fat.

2. Countries that eat a LARGE amount of Coconut are some of the healthiest people in the world.

Healthiest PeopleHalf of my family is from Barbados and my Great Grandmother recently passed away after 102 years on this planet (Pictured on the right at 101 years old). I wanted to know this woman’s secret to spending so many years on this planet and staying so healthy in the process. It turns out that she ate a lot of Coconut and even her sweetest treat was Coconut Cake (which she would often sell to hungry villagers). This again, made me do some more research and I found out that there are certain populations in the South Pacific that obtain as much as 60% of their Calories from Coconuts. It turns out that these people are phenomenally healthy with little or no incidence of heart disease.

3. Coconut Oil Can Reduce ‘Boredom Hunger’

We have all experienced those times when we know we are only hungry because we are bored. Our stomach is just looking for something to do. Now, instead of reaching for the crisps or chocolate, I strategically space out Coconut Oil, throughout the day. The day-to-day benefits of this may seem small. However, imagine the impact that years of missing out on unnecessary, unhealthy snacks will have on your health and appearance. Boredom Hunger

4. Coconut Oil can Nourish the Hair & Skin

You don’t have to eat Coconut Oil to reap the benefits. I read that people were using Coconut Oil to deal with dry skin. Being as I had trouble with dry skin and I had so many benefits with eating it, I decided to apply Coconut Oil to my skin every day. The result was an improvement in the health, appearance and lipid content of my skin.

5. Coconut Oil can help to Ward off Infections

Illness can often stop us in our tracks on our path to success so I am regularly on the look out for ways to strengthen my immune system. Coconut Oil has proven to be a way to do this. Research suggests that when Coconut Oil is Broken down the resultant components can kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The benefits of Coconut Oil continue to be championed all of the world and the internet. All I can say that it certainly has helped me and my bodily functions. What I will say is: make sure that you go for Organic Virgin Coconut Oil like the one pictured below as opposed to the refined oil.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil