Book Review – The Success Principles

book-ReviewThe Success Principles by Jack Canfield is essentially a collection of ideas to help the reader to achieve their professional and personal goals. Jack Canfield reveals no less than 64 principles for success to help people in any field with high aspirations.

This is one of the books that really helped me to transform the way that I though about Goals, Life and Success. Canfield (co-creator of the phenomenal Chicken Soup for the Soul series) outlines the principles that he has lived and taught over the last 3+ decades. Although I may not have achieved every one of Big Goals yet, I am 3 years into my journey of self-development and the ideas outlined in this book have certainly helped me along the way.

The Success Principles gives the reader the tools required to enhance confidence, deal with daily life, overcome difficulties and achieve their ambitions in life. This book is a lot more than a simple collection of positive ideas thrown together, it consists of 64 workable principles that have been used by successful people from all walks of life since the dawn of humanity. The thing that I love is that the basics are the same whether you are at college, an entrepreneur or unemployed at the moment.

Your goal could be to be the top seller in your office, make a million dollars, become a surgeon or get A’s in all of your exams – the strategies that you will follow are the same.

Once you have read about these fundamentals of success, you will progress to transforming the way you think. After that it’s time to build a ‘Success Team’ and get the most out of all of your relationships. Finally, as is the way with achieving what I call ‘Circular Success’ you will learn how to develop a positive psychological blueprint around money and the day-to-day habits that will allow you to create the life that you want for yourself.

As with every self-help book or personal development book that I have ever read, I implemented each and every one of the ideas described in The Success Principles and the changes that they have brought about (in conjunction with other strategies) are fantastic and inspiring.

I am a true believer in taking action on any positive information that you come across and the information in this book is no exception. This is one of those self help books that you will not just read once. Read it again and again so you can put the ideas in to practice and transform your life as fast as possible!

The Book contains fabulous stories of Business Leaders, Elite sports people, celebrities and regular members of society. The Success Principles will allow you to take a ‘leap of faith’ and start transforming yourself immediately.

The Main Things that You will learn from this Book are:

  • How to Change any event, by changing how you respond
  • How to change your perception of the past so you are ready for your positive future
  • How to find amazing Role Models 
  • How to be ready when ‘opportunity knocks’
  • How to realise that some ‘good’ things may not be for you so you can embrace the ‘great’ things
  • How to be courageous enough to ask for what you want
  • Why you should surround yourself with Positive People


I would highly recommend The Success Principles for someone looking for a boost on their personal development journey or even someone just getting started. Don’t just read the book, live the principles and your life will change.

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