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How to Enjoy Life Whilst Pursuing Your Goals

A few years ago, I made a life-changing decision. I had just met the girl of my dreams, I had turned my health around and I was more motivated than ever. I then decided to leave a highly paid graduate job to pursue my career as a coach as well as financial freedom. Although I […]

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Motivation Is Useless

Oh no…. There it is… My Alarm!! “Surely not already?!?! I only just closed my eyes!” You lay there, motionless with that ‘little voice’ in your head running wild but your body isn’t moving. Are you going to wake up and hit the gym, send those emails, write the business plan, have that healthy breakfast or […]

7 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Present Moment

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have” – Eckhart Tolle A busy lifestyle is what everyone is used to in modern society. We have all done it; mindlessly skipped from one task to another without a break. It’s like being a hamster in a cage on one of those wheels, except […]

5 Things Successful People do When ‘It all goes Wrong’ (Just doing #4 will Help)

I am a big fan of the phrase “sometimes life just happens”. What I mean by this, sometimes life will throw an unexpected challenge your way. However, sometimes life will just, flat out open a trap door from under you. You know, those times when you don’t know where to turn and you don’t know what […]

The Top 8 Ways to Avoid the Stress that is Slowly Killing you (#8 Takes 2 Minutes)

You already know that you stress to much and it would be great if reading this blog post could stop that wouldn’t it? You have genuinely started to ‘stress about being too stressed’. You are panicking that you have been damaging yourself over the years aren’t you? The Silent Killer It is well known that stress […]

4 Things Goal Achievers will do in 2015 (Number 2 Takes the most Effort)

We are half way through the first month of 2015 and unfortunately there are already some people out there who have lost sight achieving their goals this year. You deserve to achieve every single one of your goals, as does everyone. We have an abundance of potential locked inside of us and it just takes […]

How to be More Organized: The 7 Habits of Highly Organized People

Being organized comes from developing a collection of habits that allows to become and remain that type of person. Here are the 7 habits of highly organized people so you can finally figure out how to be more organized in your life. 1. What Gets Scheduled, Gets Done Highly organized people recognize that being organized and […]

How to be more Confident in 6 Easy Steps

When I first decided that there were several things that I wanted to create in my life, I didn’t believe that I was capable of achieving them. I wanted to write a book but I thought it would be too difficult for me because I wasn’t the best at English in school. I wanted to be […]

2015: Making my Goals Public

2015 is going to be the first year that I make my goals public. By putting them out there for all visitors to my website and my social media followers to see I will raise my standards to the level required for me to achieve them. I recently wrote about the Goals that I managed […]

7 Easy Ways to Stop Complaining

I still catch myself complaining sometimes even if I don’t realize straight away. I do complain a lot less than I used to though. Complaining rarely adds to the quality of your life; of course you may form a connection with someone with the same complaints but in the end these relationships don’t last. There […]

2014: Goals Achieved & Crucial Lessons

At the end of each year I reflect on how far I have come, the goals I managed to achieve, goals that I didn’t achieve and the lessons that I can learn. I first came across this idea when I was listening to a Jim Rohn audiotape. The great Mr. Rohn believe that you should […]

How to Change your Environment and Ultimately your Life

I was overwhelmed when someone that I had never met from Germany e-mailed me and said that he had watched my videos and found me inspiring and that I had changed his life. This was an absolutely incredible feeling and I am so thankful that my videos are doing what they’re supposed to do. My […]

How to Overcome Obstacles

I had been working tirelessly on a project that could have been life and business changing when I got some information that was going to hurt the project in a big way. The Obstacle had presented itself and I started to feel anxious and on edge pretty much immediately. I could have rolled over there […]

5 Keys to Success that I Learned from John Legend

I am always on the lookout for things to learn from Successful people and when I went to see John Legend Live 2 weeks ago, I was not disappointed. The man oozes confidence, success and happiness in such a ‘cool’ way. When you listen to him speak in between songs you can tell that he […]

My Life Design – How to be Happy, How to Be Productive and How to Achieve Goals Faster

We are always hearing people talk about ‘balance’ when it comes to their life aren’t we? Would you like to create a design for your life so that you will be happier, more productive and achieve your goals faster? Many people face the challenge that is the balancing of every area of their lives; whether […]

How to Feel Better or Change a Negative Behaviour by Interrupting the Pattern

The true quality of our lives is defined by how we feel on a moment-to-moment basis right? Over the last 3 years I have wanted to investigate this concept a little deeper to see how I can stop feeling bad or change a negative feeling or behaviour in an instant. As a result, I kept […]

What’s Your Excuse?

Amazing Video of a Man with no Arms Playing Table Tennis! Are your ‘reasons’ for not trying just excuses? [hcshort id=”8″]

5 Ways you are Sabotaging your Own Happiness

Happiness doesn’t just come to people by chance, it may seem that some people have ‘the gift’ but they are proactively moving through life in such a way that is making them happy. What you will find is there are also things that they are NOT doing that is greatly enhancing their chances of happiness. […]

How to be More Positive

I have found life a lot more simple with a positive attitude. The challenges of life are going to come your way no matter what happens and I have discovered that these challenges become a LOT easier to deal with if you are more positive. Ever since I became interested in personal development I have […]

How to Overcome Fear And Improve Your Life Quickly

Watch the Video Blog Below on How to Overcome Fear and read the Blog Post Below As time progresses I am getting more and more passionate about sharing videos and blog posts that contain ideas that have changed my life. One thing that I have had to do consistently is overcome fears. The exciting thing […]