5 Elite Habits That Will Make You Successful

Make SuccessfulOver the last few years I have realised that if I am truly committed to getting the same results as the most elite people on this planet then I have to think and act like the most elite people on this planet, every single day! My study of the world’s elite in every field suggests that to be extremely successful you have to leave ‘average’ behind. The greatest successes in this world are people that have the highest standards in their chosen area. Having high standards translates as doing things a little bit out of the ordinary, every single day!

Below are 5 Elite habits that will allow you to ‘step up’ and join some of the greats.

Morning Mastery1. Morning Mastery

You’d be amazed if you sat down like I have and studied how the world’s elite start their day. Every single one of them start their day at a deliberate time in a deliberate way, every day. The first habit to develop is to jump up and start the day as soon as your alarm sounds, otherwise, by hitting ‘snooze’ you are procrastinating from the very second that you wake up!

Develop a morning ritual and wake up earlier than normal so you can program yourself for a successful day. If you get up, exercise, feed your mind and have a nutritious breakfast, you are already ahead of nearly everybody!

2. Daily Goal Reminders

It is vital that you remind yourself of your goals every single day! You could carry your most important BIG Goals around with you on a little card. You could also review your goals every morning and every evening. This will allow you to keep your energy levels up when you are pursuing your goals because you will always be aware of WHAT YOU WANT!

Little Fish3. Be The ‘Little Fish’

It’s time to be the little fish in the big pond. Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas is fond of the saying: “if you’re the best in your group, you need a new group”. Seek out the most elite people in your field, spend time with them, learn from them, even offer to help them. Just by spending time in these circles will activate your subconscious need to be ‘the same’ as your peers and you will become even better as a result.

4. Think Long Term

Make sure that everything that you eat, do or buy on a daily basis is in line with your long term vision. When you feel the urge to make an impulse purchase, take a step back and consider spending the money on something that will bring you closer to your goals. The American Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett said “The greatest investment you can make is in yourself”.

5. Take The Tough Route

Sometimes there may well be an easy route to your next destination when it comes to living your dreams. However, more often than not, you have to ‘go up the rough side of the mountain’. As a society we are constantly looking quick and easy paths to success but it’s time to face the tough option if that is what is going to get you there. Rather than running from it; embrace it, have fun with it and take small steps knowing that you’re going to get there.

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