3 Ways to Be Grateful Every Single Day

ID-100106167I truly believe that realising how grateful that you are every single day is a fast track to increased levels of Happiness. Do you want to be Happy more often? If yes, it is important that you learn to be grateful for everything that you have got going for you. (For example, if you just thought to yourself “I haven’t got anything going for me”……..you are reading this aren’t you?).

Begin small and start feeling grateful for every thing positive that you notice in your life. With practice this can become an incredible asset for your daily life. If you’re like me, you will start to notice how incredibly you grateful you are for a long list of things. It all starts with waking up; this is a phenomenal habit to get into. When you are grateful from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you are off to a winning start. Notice your gratitude for everything: your health, your family, a roof over your head, your phone, your ability to see or hear…the list goes on.

3 Ways to Be Grateful Every Day

Rather than just ‘hoping’ that nice things that you can be grateful for simply find their way into your life, there are habits and routines that you can get into to make Gratitude part of your daily life.

1 – Start with a “Thank You”

It may feel a little strange at first and just have fun with it. As soon as you wake up say the words ‘Thank You’ out loud. Then go somewhere quiet and ask yourself “What am I grateful for?” and just allow the answers to flow. “I am grateful for…”, “I am grateful for…”, “I am grateful for…”. No matter how silly, allow the answers to keep coming and you’ll start saying things like “I am Grateful for the ability to tie my shoelaces” and finally you run out. This is not just some positive thinking trick. This is a real tool that will allow to start your days operating from a productive mindset. Starting the day like this means that whatever comes your way throughout the day, you have already programmed yourself into an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.

2- Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

At the end of every day, enjoy writing down all of the things that you are grateful for from that day. You can even expand and write down ‘why’ you are grateful. There are no rules to this process, have fun with it and allow it to grow. Start writing down things that you are proud of and excited about as well to really add some ‘juice’ to your expanding mindset.

3 – What if It’s Supposed to Happen?

Many things that have happened in my life and the lives of successful people that were very difficult to go through at the time. However, many of them (including me) will tell you that without some of those less desirable things happen they would not be doing what they are doing right now. The world’s greatest Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins puts it like this: “What if life was happening FOR YOU and not TO YOU?” What he means by this is, what if everything, good and bad, was supposed to happen in your life so you could reach your fullest potential? Operating from this level of thinking will allow you to see a negative situation differently and even allow you to be grateful for it because you know that it is going to make you grow as a person and ultimately, improve your life.


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