I signed up to Jermaine’s free coaching tips having seen a link on Facebook.

After looking at Jermaine’s website I thought not just a little but a lot about the direction my life seemed to be going in. Jermaine’s website & outlook inspired me to take advice from a youngster! As they say “If you’re good enough you’re old enough” I arranged to meet with Jermaine for the FREE 45 minute session to see if first we connected – we absolutely did – he is warm, open, honest and passionate about what he does.

We agreed a plan which would get me living as my authentic self, centred and balanced. I left that first meeting feeling very inspired for the journey I was embarking on.

Throughout the sessions we had many breakthroughs – each two hour session evaporated in what seemed like minutes. Jermaine constantly encouraged and supported with feedback both verbally and via email.

Jermaine taught me to set achievable goals and gave me so many simple tools to enhance my progress.

By the end of the programme I was 10lbs lighter and 1” taller, I had not dieted or been “stretched on a rack”! I held a totally new posture and belief in all the exciting new things to come.

My Husband & Family have all noticed and benefited from the monumental change in me and the ripple effect throughout all areas of my everyday life is awesome.

Thank you Jermaine you have been a joy to work with and your services should be allowed on prescription!

Good luck I know you will continue to have a positive effect on all you encounter.

Anyone thinking should I or shouldn’t I make an appointment – Just DO IT you won’t be disappointed.