Lee – Property Developer

The first time that I seen Jermaine for the free 45 minutes, I explained to him how I was stuck in a ‘rut’. I had no energy, I had no motivation to do ANYTHING, I was tired all the time, I was eating a lot of rubbish food, I never exercised and I had no drive to grow my business. I told him how I had a car crash 10 years ago and that this meant that my dream of playing for Wales Rugby was dead (I was already in the youth setup). I had to learn to walk and talk again and this took a long time. The insurance from the accident meant that money wasn’t a problem for me and I bought my 1st house and started the dream of becoming a property developer. However, after I bought my second house for my sister to live in I just lost all interest and was happy just sitting around all day eating rubbish with nothing to do.  That all changed when I started my transformation program with Jermaine. Jermaine explained to me how we could make quick changes with lasting results. To cut a long story short after 5 weeks with Jermaine I have lost 7lbs of fat, I have much more energy, I am highly motivated, more business minded, I have bought my 3rd house and signed up to the Cardiff half marathon! All in 5 weeks! Thanks Jermaine mate! I know you don’t drink but I owe you a pint of something!