Joe – Lawyer

I’ll hold my hands up. I’m the last person that wanted anything to do with a life/transformation coach. I thought they were people who spouted a bunch of psychobabble, and were a scam.


However, something wasn’t ‘right’ in my life. I seemed to have a lot of things to cherish: a great job with prospects; a lovely girlfriend; awesome friends and family; my health; no debt etc etc. I had every reason to be happy from an external perspective…but I wasn’t. I felt like I didn’t deserve any of the things I just mentioned, that anything I’d achieved was by luck, that everything I did was a failure, and that I this was the way things were always going to be.


Once I had admitted to myself that something wasn’t right with my mindset, a good friend of mine mentioned looking into life coaching. Again, I was adamant I would not go down this path…but I knew I needed some help, so tentatively looked into people available in the Cardiff area, where I live.


Jermaine’s website instantly stood out. As he offered a free initial consultation, I thought ‘why not?’ It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Jermaine spoke to me like he already knew me. It was like talking to myself, in the sense that he knew exactly how I was feeling and why. However, HE knew how I COULD be feeling with the right mind set. Together we looked at a plan of how we would get there. All my previous misgivings about life coaches were out the window. I was in, and I knew Jermaine was my guy for this journey to greatness. I signed up for his One to One coaching, and we did weekly slots from then on.


It was my MIND holding me back for all these years. Jermaine made me realise that everything I needed was all within me, it just needed to be unlocked. With his coaching we began to unleash the fire inside me.


Jermaine’s enthusiasm, positivity and immense, encyclopaedic knowledge of the personal development sphere is awe-inspiring; it was amazing to have it rub off on me. After every session I felt like I could bench press the world. Now with the tools I’ve learned and his continuing support, I feel like that virtually every day. He seems to have a grasp of all the books, ideas, practices, thoughts, habits and behaviours that result in a positive, awesome way to live. He then tailored the ones he thought suited me best into a personal development program personal to me.


Jermaine made me believe in myself, and I feel like my mind has been completely rewired. I set regular goals AND achieve them; my relationship is better than ever; I live a healthier lifestyle than I ever have before; I can’t believe the levels of confidence I’ve now reached. I look back on how I used to feel just a few months ago compared to now, and I am truly amazed.


People also now comment on how confident, positive and happy I seem; that they are inspired by how I seem to grab life by the scruff of the neck and go for it!


Alas, the weeks in my program with Jermaine flew by oh so quickly, but I now feel loaded with knowledge. Furthermore Jermaine has remained easy to contact should I need clarification with anything and to offer moral support.


Life is a journey. There’s ups and downs, highs and lows but its how you deal with them that ensures that journey is always destined to greatness and happiness. Jermaine has provided me with the map to get there, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I feel blessed to have met him, and to now call him a good friend.