Jack Fowler – Manager, Admiral Insurance

Managers and seniors alike found the session to be relatable, fun and thought provoking.

Our initial concerns were dismissed once we realised how approachable and professional Jermaine was.

The real life examples he used were inspiring and moving at the same time.

Innovative,  interactive and motivational are some of the words the group have used to describe the talk.

Various helpful and applicable techniques were mentioned by Jermaine to help us realise our dreams in and out of work.

Aims and goals are something we all need to drive ourselves forward and push ourselves to excel.

The shaking of asses was most people’s favourite part!

Inspiring – Jermaine delivered with passion, enthusiasm and with a human touch too.

Ouch! – Most of us thought that as he was walking over the glass and breaking the arrow with his neck, but all thought it was a very powerful exercise.

Nobody had any negative feedback about Jermaine at all – well all found it highly beneficial and rewarding too.